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Academic Program Planning & Review

Procedures for Program Changes

Requests for program changes (for degrees, majors, school/college minors, certificates and requirements) must be done using the OPC (On-Line Program Change) form. Each school/college has identified an individual who is authorized to submit forms to the APCC and Graduate School (authorized persons are listed in the table below). The OPC forms can be used only to revise an existing degree, major, minor or certificate program. If you are proposing a new degree, major, minor or certificate, you will need to transmit your proposals in hard copy form. Once a new degree, major, minor or certificate is approved, OPC forms can be used to make changes.

On-line Program Change User Group

School/College Name Phone E-Mail
Architecture & Urban Planning Joan Simuncak 4015/4014 joanarch
Harriet Pfersch 6135/4763 pfersch
Mary McCoy 4762 mamccoy
Dinah Gygi 3071 dinahg
Business Administration Dawn Koerten 6624 dmk
Nance Gusavac 4542/4235 nance
Education Gail Schneider 4935 gts
Kerry Korinek 5253 korinek
Engineering & Applied Science
Todd Johnson 4667 johnsont
Ron Perez 6543 perez
Health Sciences
Carol Seery 4291 cseery
Letters & Science Connie Jo 5878 conniejo
Cheryl Scherkenbach 5877/4654 cherken
Information Studies
Linda Barajas 3316 barajas@sois
Rebecca Hall 2855 hall@sois
Nursing Susan Dean-Baar 5468/5698 deanbaar
Jackie O'Connell 2310 oconelj
Social Welfare Diane Miller 6486/4852 dm