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Access to Success

First Year Transition Courses Faculty Training Information

UWM’s Center for Instructional and Professional Development (CIPD) holds an annual retreat for faculty and academic staff who teach Freshman Seminar or other First Year Transition courses.

The goals of the retreat are to help faculty and staff understand the first year transition concept in general, to examine their program’s particular goals for its new students, and to define or redefine the goals of their course and the role it can play in meeting campus and program goals. Faculty and staff attending the retreat have a unique opportunity to examine important pedagogical and curricular issues regarding student learning and course development.

Each day of the retreat focuses on specific activities:

Day 1: What Does a First Year Transition Course look like? Campus goals, program goals, course goals, mutual expectations.
Day 2: From Learning Goals to Learning Activities: assignments, assessment, examples.
Day 3: Pedagogical Tools: Discussion, making groups work, writing for critical thinking; first day strategies.

For further information regarding this retreat and other activities of UWM’s Center for Instructional and Professional Development, contact CIPD at 414-229-6638 or