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Chancellor’s Council on Inclusion

Chancellor's Council on Inclusion/Diversity
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Minutes of the March 31, 2005 Meeting
Held at the Student Union
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Council Members Present:

Carlos Santiago
Joan Prince
Rita Cheng
Larry Martin
Phyllis King
Sally Lundeen
Erika Sander
Gregory Jay
Dev Venugopalan
Stan Stojkovic
Beverly Cross

William Velez
Simone Conceicao
Sarine Schmidt
Diane Amour
Ester Johnson
Kim Beck
Gary Williams
Enrique Figueroa
Twyla McGhee
Yves LaPierre
Ruth Russell

Neil Young
Mary McCoy
Mary Roggeman
Anthony Hightower
Guillermo Cuautle
Abdul-Hakeem Rashaad
Alicia Armstrong
Aledjandro Medellin, Jr.
Antonio Ramirez
Antwan Terrell Tolar
Angel Johnson

Members Not Present: Nadya Fouad, Nancy Frank, Marc Levine, Amy Batiste

I. Welcome and Introductions

Joan Prince: called the meeting of the Chancellor?s Council on Inclusion to order, noting that the chancellor, Carlos Santiago will provide the charge order.

II. Charge to the Committee

Carlos Santiago: outlined the timeline and objectives regarding the council committee. Indicated he wants council suggestions by June 1, 2005. Objectives are:

?Strategic Plan
?Initiate conversation and develop training module
?Advising Structure
?Early Warning System
?Recruitment Office - aggressive recruitment campaign in the community; mentioned community agencies such as PIC - Private Industry Council and UCC - United Community Center
?Fellowship/Scholarship Support
?UWM Residential Proposal - set aside 50 beds for underrepresented/economic challenged students to live and experience UWM campus life.
?Main Objective: For UWM to be viewed as the premier institution for students from diverse backgrounds.

Questions Raised/Answered

Q: Training of Staff, identify who will do this?
A: Specialists

Q: Pilot Program - 50 beds - what are the guidelines/criteria?
A: Mary Roggeman of Student Affairs can address this point.

Q: Council Group - How much or what type of authority will this council have and how will this council interface with other existing UWM groups?
A: Policy and processes; to think differently; make recommendations, and then take to UWM governance. Erika Sanders (rep. governance), mentioned that governance readily supportive and will not be adversary.

Also, Milwaukee Commitment Phase II has been voted through to governance. The exception is the UWM Student Association. The UWM Student Association is welcome to act upon the document. Strategic plan would be a combination of Milwaukee Commitment and the council.


III. The Logistics/Joan Prince

Discussed logistics regarding upcoming meetings:
Dates: suggested the last Thursday of each month;
April 28, 2005
May 26, 2005
June 30, 2005
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Mentioned that both the date and especially the time may conflict with schedules. Suggested to student members to contact her regarding schedule conflict with classes. Also, indicated that she would be willing meet with students to discuss concerns.

Discussed and provided additional insight on some of Carlos Santiago's objectives

IV: Campus Review Update

Discussed and introduced what various groups are doing on campus and what reports resulted from these groups. Indicated the type of working groups needed within the council. Indicated council co-chairs Rita Cheng, Larry Martin and faculty representative, Dev Venugopalan will discuss reports of groups they served on in regards to retention and diversity.

Rita Cheng - Provided summary/highlights of the Enrollment Management Committee.

o current measures remain in place
o applying discretionary measures to at risk students
?Expanded points to access at UWM
o Coordinate with MATC and both MATC & UWM strengthening track
o Looked at remedial placement
o Continue narrowing gap of student color
o Ensuring remedial courses are completed (especially, math courses, College of Letters and Science)

o Bridge Programs
?Mentoring Program
o Instructors to students
?Early Warning System
o Ready to be implemented; objective to address/detect unsatisfactory work early in the students academic career

?Advisory Network Strong
?System Update Accountability Report
o Highlight/reviewed 6 years (1999-2003) worth of data on students of color of the UW System as whole vs UWM

Larry Martin - Race and Ethnicity Update

?Provided summary/highlights of the Race and Ethnicity taskforce and summary of online survey results. Provided copies of the tentative report; racial profiling and the no responses

Dev Venugopalan - Faculty Diversity Initiative

?Dev provided a brief summary on the Faculty Diversity Initiative.
?Identify research and best practices and bring it to UWM;
?There is an April 15th session scheduled to take place to take all ideas and apply them

Joan Prince ? Ombuds Initiative and Campus Diversity Initiative

?Ombudsman ? feels UWM needs a system like this; suggestions came out of the taskforce on Women and Race & Ethnicity taskforce; objective is neutral; Nayada Fouad and Larry Martin will assist with the coordination of this working group.
?Diversity training for Campus
?Working Group Selections, please email Joan Prince as to which group you wish to partake in.