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Chancellor's Council on Inclusion

Chancellor’s Council on Inclusion
Meeting Minutes
September 29, 2005
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Council Members Present:

Joan Prince
Rita Cheng
Diane Amour
Amy Batiste
Kim Beck
Simone Conceição
Beverly Cross
Charita Ford
Nancy Frank
Anthony Hightower
Jim Hill
Phyllis King
Yves LaPierre
Sally Lundeen
Mary Roggeman
Ruth Russell
Erika Sander
Carlos Santiago
Robert Schuettpelz
Cathy Seasholes
Sarine Schmidt
Stan Stojkovic
Gary Williams
Lolita Williams
Loretta Williams

I. Welcome and Introductions (Co-Chairs)

A round of introductions occurred, with a welcome by the co-chairs.

II. Council Logistics (Joan Prince)

Web link: It is up and running. Please visit the Provost’s web link to enter. Meeting dates are listed, council roster, agenda and minutes. All handouts from the meeting that can be electronically captured are also on the web link. A resource link will be added in the future which will be a link with best practices and other related readings.

Ground Rules reviewed:

  • Debate the issue – not the person!
  • The level of conversation should be above the individual case.
  • Confidentiality is recognized and adhered to.
  • Civility should be present at all times.

Adoption of minutes of the August 25, 2005 meeting: Minutes were adopted without revision via consent.

III. Campus update (Rita)

Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity/Climate search update:

There are two candidates, one of whom completed their campus interview today. Anticipated completion within the next couple of weeks. Next, and final interview is on October 5th. All are welcome, especially our students. E-mail notification was sent out via University Relations. Student Chairs, as well as Council Student Co-chair will work to disseminate information to students.

Task Force on Race/Ethnicity report – status:

A web link of the report is now available for people to access and review the report. Dr. Martin will comment on the report at the next meeting. Members of this Council will receive a hard copy.

     Discussion: The findings of the task force, along with the recommendations from the Task Force on Women report, as well as other reports (LGBT advisory group) will be addressed. With the lapse in position staffing in the Provost office, the work on these issues has been somewhat sporadic. However, it was stated by one Council member that nice models for immediate action have been brought out. However, agenda issues are now being addressed and report outs will be forthcoming. Agenda issues such as salary equity are being discussed. You can find the report/recommendations from this study also on the Provost’s web site.

Enrollment status update:

Two handouts were reviewed (Update on Access to Success and Fall 2005 Application/Admission/Enrollment update). Both handouts will be placed on this site.

     Discussion: Bridge programs have been successful, and we hope to expand on the summer programs. The Early Warning System is in place, and we are receiving positive/encouraging feedback from faculty. There is a Math Pilot program in place. It was stated that AOC was involved with recruitment measures, and that Academic Affairs was in the process of reviewing how AOC can contribute to Access to Success. Over 800 freshman have been matched with student mentors. Multicultural Student Center is in place with Linda Huang as the interim director. There is a 14% increase in new freshman. Students of color enrollment is up, while transfer student enrollment is down. Graduate student increase is modest. Gender gap is closing for students. Discussion occurred as to why the transfer student enrollment was so drastically down, as well as what is being done to increase graduate enrollment. Rita will provide an update at the next meeting. Discussion also was raised regarding the use of terms (students of color and high achieving students). A request was made to the address the use of these terms so they are inclusive, vs exclusive. The issue of the connection between attracting students and competing with other institutions with a larger scholarship base was discussed.

Campus visit – “Ex-Gay ministers”:

Yves reported on a campus visit by a group that is viewed as “antagonistic” to the LGBT community. The Apologetics Association is involved, and the visit is supported by a campus organization.

     Discussion: A discussed ensued regarding “hate speech” and what we do as a campus in relationship to that. Where does “freedom of speech” play a part? Provost stated that the Chancellor has been alerted to this visit, and we will monitor the outcome of the visit. We will respond to any negative speech with a statement of inclusion. The following question was posed by Enrique: If hate speech exists, then what is it? How should it be addressed? The group felt that this was a larger discussion and is within the realm of the Council’s charge. Yves and Rita will discuss and report back.

IV. Working group discussion/report back

Campus Ombuds. The working group has not had an opportunity to meet. They will meet and report back at the next meeting.

Diversity Training: The lead staff for the group was not able to be present. However, a handout was presented which discussed a one day symposium for administrative leadership on campus.

     Discussion: Several members of the Council expressed concern as to the connection between the proposed one day symposium and the lack of attention to strategic plans for diversity, particularly addressing racism and sexism. It was determined that this proposal was not vetted by the committee, but needed to the committee to recommend initial programming for Council, Deans, Executive Staff, and other administrative leadership on campus. Rita will speak with her lead staff for the committee, and they will meet and report out prior to the next meeting.

V. Student presentations/discussion

Focus was on Advisory Council Charge #2

Facilitated by Mary Roggeman – Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Jim Hill – Dean of Students

Presenters: Russ Rueden, Student Association President, Charita Ford, Student Association Multicultural Issues Director, Antonio Ramirez, student.

Handouts: CDA 7- Point Plan

Mary Roggeman: She introduced the student members that would be presenting. Charita Ford is the new Council Student co-Chair. As in past practice, the student co-chair is the Multicultural Issues Director of the SA. She also stated that we have three new student appointees this year, Loretta Williams, Lolita Williams and Robert Schuettpelz. There are three positions open. Appointments are on an annual basis. Students who are interested should submit their names to the SA.

Russ Rueden stated that on September 11, 2005, the Student Association passed legislation that was offered by the Coalition for Diversity and Access. He also stated that, upon further review, the cost to implement the plan would result in a significant increase in tuition for students. He stated that at their next meeting, which would be this Sunday, legislation would be presented to repeal what they had passed. They were going to set up a commission, chaired by Charita Ford, for further comprehensive and in-depth discussion, with recommendations to be presented at a later date.

Charita Ford discussed the need for representation of all students by the SA, and that she would work towards ensuring student voices. She stated that she wanted to work with all members of the SA, and was interested in moving forward with a plan that would not place the burden of increased tuition on students. She also stated that we must ensure cost effectiveness, and access for all students, especially students of color.

Antonio provided copies of the CDA 7-Point plan for review. He stressed the issue of accountability, and expressed concerns around representation and adoption of the document that he presented. He stated that this was the official document.

Erika suggested that we have a link to the Chapter 36 document, and that we review it. It was stated that the Secretary of the University.

Chancellor Santiago stated that he supports any plan and/or modification as long as the student groups are represented in one voice. He stated that this is an important agenda item, and that we need to move forward in a effort that got things done. He expressed frustration at the presentation of different documents vs one document that had been vetted through the SA, and subsequently presented to the Council.

Rita Cheng and Joan Prince indicated that all Council members should check the web link within a week for next month’s agenda, this month’s meeting minutes, and other announcements for the Council.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM.

Next meeting date:
October 27, 2005
Chapman Hall – Regent’s Room-2nd Flr
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM