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Chancellor's Council on Inclusion

Chancellor’s Council on Inclusion
February 2, 2006
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Joan Prince
Rita Cheng
Larry Martin
Jasmine Alinder
Pamela Barnes
Kim Beck
Simone Conceição
Beverly Cross
Pamela Fendt
Enrique Figueroa
Nancy Frank
Jim Hill
Phyllis King
Yves LaPierre
Anthony Lemelle
Cassandra Magar
Ruth Russell
Erika Sander
Cathy Seasholes
William Velez
Dev Venugopalan
Patricia Villarreal
Gary Williams
Lolita Williams
Neil Young

Thursday, February 2, 2006
Regents Room – Chapman Hall 2nd Floor
Facilitator: Joan Prince

I. Welcome and Council logistics - Dr. Prince

  • The Council web link is on the Provost site. Don’t forget to check this periodically for the posting of agenda, minutes, and articles/events of interest related to the Council’s mission.
  • The minutes of the previous meeting (December 1, 2005) were accepted by consensus.

II. Campus update - Chancellor Santiago

1. Campus Strategic planning

  • This will begin this summer. Discussions will take place shortly on the format and charge.
  • Plan will be BOLD and will guide us into the future
  • Our major focus areas of access and research will be infiltrated and guiding assumptions in the plan creation.
  • He is asking that this Council think about what our university will look five years, ten years, and beyond as this is crucial in crafting the plan.

2. UWM Campaign

  • The campaign has been launched.

3. Response to Council’s recommendations

  • He accepts the recommendations of the Council (creation of an Ombuds initiative and support of the recommendations from the Task Force on Race and Ethnicity report)
  • An important focus will be on outcomes and these goals must be set
  • The work of this Council will be to review and accelerate completion of the goals
  • Diversity of faculty, staff and students is important. This campus must be open and accessible.
  • The Ombuds initiative is critical. It is a needed point of contact outside the administrative and legal realm to enhance campus climate and promote fairness and equity.

III. Task Force on Race and Ethnicity recommendations – Next steps

Dr. Larry Martin stated that he is looking to have a campus-wide discussion on the recommendations, and next steps. He will discuss with the Provost the development of affinity groups (how we accomplish this to move forward)

IV. Provost Activities Update – Dr. Rita Cheng:

  • Recommended to reconvene several of the previous taskforce groups (i.e. women’s council, etc.)
  • Ombuds working group; suggested 5 people for a core document development and then a call out for additional people
  • Review of Access data
  • provided printed materials – Campus Accountability Report and Access to Success
  • Evaluating and determining what needs to be retained.


    • Black and Gold Committee should be involved in the affinity groups
    • Need a stronger student group presence

  • Equity performance scorecard - Dr. Anthony Lemelle
    • Printed material provided
    • Define and set goals to foster educational excellence
    • There are three teams; Seven (7) volunteer campuses
    • We’re collecting data to help identify specific benchmarks
    • Next meeting is on March 7 & 8; all three teams will meet

V. UWM Student Association President – Russ Rueden:

  • Charita Ford no longer with student association and no longer the Multicultural Advisors Director. They have received and are reviewing applications for the replacement.
  • Student access (diversity council) goal is to bring student organizations together, particularly students of color,
  • Hope to do this in the next two weeks
  • Goals and agendas will be brought back to this council

VI. Diversity Scenarios Dialogue

  • Facilitated by Dr. Tony Ciccone and Dr. Connie Schroeder
  • Consistent with our charge of developing diversity dialogues across campus
  • The Council will participate in diversity dialogues at each meeting - offerings to be spread throughout campus over the year
  • The last hour of each Council meeting will be a facilitated discussion

VII. Wrap Up/Summary of action items

  • Access to Success day is February 24, 2006
  • Next Council meeting date is March 30, 2006 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM