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Chancellor's Council on Inclusion

Chancellor’s Council on Inclusion
March 30, 2006
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Joan Prince
Rita Cheng
Larry Martin
Jasmine Alinder
Pamela Barnes
Simone Conceição
Enrique Figueroa
Nancy Frank
Sandra Jones
Jim Hill
Phyllis King
Yves LaPierre
Anthony Lemelle
Cassandra Magar
Ruth Russell
Erika Sander
Sarine Schmidt
Cathy Seasholes
Stan Stojkovic
Hanh Quang Trinh
Dev Venugopalan
Gary Williams
Neil Young

Thursday, March 30, 2006
Regents Room – Chapman Hall 2nd Floor
Facilitator: Joan Prince

I. & II. Welcome and Council logistics - Dr. Prince
  • The minutes of the meeting of February 2, 2006 were accepted by consensus.
  • Moving forward, a slight revision of the Council’s agenda will be to structure the agenda to parallel the Chancellor’s charge more closely which should assist with assessment – suggestion made by Dr. Larry Martin.

III. Developing a Strategic Diversity plan with broad-based support
  • Formation of Implementation teams – Anthony Lemelle
    • Recommended for action to incorporate previous taskforce groups (Climate for Women, Race & Ethnicity, etc.) into this group
    • Additional recommendations will be forth coming

LGBT Advisory Committee/WI Proposed Constitutional Amendment -Yves LaPierre
  • Referendum will be on the 2006 Wisconsin November Ballot
  • Possible implications/effects if referendum passes
    • Benefits: supplemental dental, accidental death and liability
    • Downward effect on Campus Climate
    • Downward effect on Recruitment/Retention
  • Other states have passed a similar bill—example, state of Michigan; benefits have been challenged
  • Please familiarize yourself with the handout
  • As state employees, we are not allowed to take stand in the political process, but we do need to be informed as to the possible impact of a political vote
Discussion: LGBT Advisory Committee is interested in doing a survey this summer. The last one was done in 1994. The Provost website will host the 1994 report. The Co-Chairs felt strongly that this is an appropriate discussion for the Council. Erika Sander will search for a previous report or resolution to present to the council regarding the Faculty Senate resolution of approximately 1-1/2 years ago.

Student Multicultural Issues Director update – Russ Rueden/Chris Wiley

  • Student Senator present (Cassandra Madgar)
    • Chris Wiley – new Student Co-Chair and Director of Student Multicultural Affairs will be attending the meetings. He currently does have a schedule conflict, but will contact the Co-Chairs immediately to begin participation.
IV. Monitoring our Progress toward achieving our Plan 2008
  • Equity performance scorecard - Anthony Lemelle

    Dr. Lemelle stated that the campus scorecard team is currently underway with meetings scheduled over the next couple of months. They will work to identify and refine pathways for eliminating inequities. The Council will be utilized as a vehicle to review and comment on the results. He will provide updates at each of the Council meetings. Dr. Sandra Jones, a member of the team, reported positively on the Madison workshops that she has attended to-date regarding the process. The question was asked as to what UWM will actually receive from this process. How will UWM benefit? The Provost stated that it will allow us to link into and enhance diversity efforts in the schools and colleges and that it would provide a means of tracking progress. She also stated that it would be incorporated with Access to Success.

IV. Monitoring our Progress toward achieving our Plan 2008
  • Review of Student access and Faculty/Staff data - Provost Cheng
Further discussion of the use of the Equity Score card for monitoring our progress was discussed.
  1. UWM should implement a strategy to review and monitor the collection of data and how it is interpreted.
  2. Should the California model be included on students, faculty and staff here at UWM?
  3. Can we modify this model for UWM? (YES)
  4. Is there a way to document program success? (YES – through integration of the scorecard)
  5. Does this Council have some role or responsibility in assigning priorities and efforts? (YES - Groups will come together to do this)
  6. Are there discrete data sets out there? This campus has been collecting so much data! Is it identifiable? (We are not using discrete data sets. We should bring Assessment in to talk about this).
  7. We must make sure that the Equity scorecard is tied into strategic planning.
  • Early Warning System (Rita)
    • A short video clip about UWM’s Early Warning System was played for the Council
    • Both instructor and advisor can act quickly if a student appears to be in academic trouble
    • Preliminary findings suggest that four weeks into a student's semester is not too early to begin tracking or to act if a student is in trouble
  • Significant changes in the Fall 2006 (Rita)
  • English composition courses
    • The faculty and Academic Opportunity Center (AOC) decided to eliminate the 090 credit course
    • Students now will enter the Eng Comp 095 and then go on to Eng Comp 101
    • Rationale: it did not make sense to ask a student to pay for the course and not get credit for it
  • The Pilot Math program 090 to 095 to 101 – (Ruth)
    • All indications are that the pilot program is successful
  • UWM Satellite Offices
    • Have opened up two offices in the community
    • Opportunity Industrialization Center (OIC) and United Community Center (UCC)

Other Events

  • Cultivating Student Success Handout
  • On April 20th there will be a conference on Shattering barriers
  • Professional development in Madison in April and May

    Discussion: In the future, can we have recruitment and retention numbers broken apart into categories such as Race? The Provost suggested that future handouts would provide that type of information

Develop a diversity training program for the UWM campus

  • Difficult Dialogues – Dr. Gregory Jay – not present
  • Inventory of current activity (internal training, Ombuds update) – Dev Venugopalan
    • Internal Training
      • Provided two handouts/printed materials
      • Information describes what kind of training is going on and what works
      • Modules to get associate chairs and dept chairs trained are next
      • Diversity Dividend Programs
      • Training for supervisors; Pauli Taylorboyd – will do a draft
      • We're in the process of identifying facilitators to make presentations at workshop(s); Training on how to be an effective supervisor prior to being promoted
      • Hope to start in Summer 2006
      • Employee Development site has done over 100 programs
    • Ombuds
      • Initial revision has been done
      • Waiting for working group input
      • Reference: University Ombudsperson Association – policies

Action Science and Managing Diversity - Dr. Larry Martin

Dr. Martin led council members in an interactive training module that consisted of three case study reviews around different aspects of discrimination

VII. Wrap Up/Summary of action items

  • Next Council meeting date is April 27, 2006 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM; Regents Room Chapman Hall