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Chancellor's Council on Inclusion

Chancellor’s Council on Inclusion
May 25, 2006
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Rita Cheng
Larry Martin
Joan Prince
Kim Beck
Simone Conceição
Sandra Jones
Anthony Lemelle
Sally Lundeen
Stan Stojkovic
Hanh Quang Trinh
Dev Venugopalan
Gary Williams
Neil Young

Thursday, May 25, 2006
Regents Room – Chapman Hall 2nd Floor
Facilitator: Joan Prince

I. & II. Welcome and Council Logistics - Joan Prince
  • Approval of the Minutes
    • The minutes from both March 30, 2006 and April 27, 2006. Both copies of the minutes will be sent to the Council for approval via e-mail.
  • Meeting Schedules (9 month + Retreat vs 12 months?)
    • To maximize our efforts, should the meeting schedule be on the academic calendar period – 9 months, leaving the summer (June, July, August) open?
    • Also, should there be a retreat at the end of August or early September
    • Would center on in depth work, possible guest speaker with the month of June as the planning time
    • Would be good for the Chancellor to come and discuss goals/milestones/charge


    • Council membership include staggered terms
    • Nine month schedule is realistic with a retreat to kick off the year
    • Utilize the last meeting of the year (May) for reflection and evaluation of the previous year’s progress
    • Co-Chairs would develop a work plan for the year which would include timeline
    • More active participation of students is needed in the Council. [Undergrad and grad students will be actively recruited again]


    1. We will meet on the 9 month calendar (May meeting will be an evaluation meeting. September meeting will be a mini-retreat, welcoming new members, receiving the charge from the Chancellor, and beginning the work plan).
    2. Focus on more stable student involvement for the Council.


III. Multicultural Student Director Update (Chris Wiley)

Chris Wiley was not present.

A. Lemelle – Equity Score Card (ESC)

  • Several handouts were passed out. One model is from the UW-Parkside presentation to the Board of Regents. UWM is looking to replicate those slides utilizing our numbers and information.
  • Goals with the Equity Score Card
    • Ensure that our goals do not place blame on other sources in the city
    • Holistic admissions process discussion will take place in Fall of this year


    • Our admission standards do not reflect our freshman class.
    • UWM holistic admissions is more inclusive
    • The criteria for admission is not identified yet, but is being worked on
    • Are we at a place to be discerning as to whom can be admitted?
    • Do we have data on minority students at traditionally Historically Black Colleges and Universities in terms of their success?
    • There are other factors involved in which UWM may not know much about.
    • The Equity Score card allows us to look at the data and statistics. It also allows us to look at other factors beside double remedials. If we have a policy based on ACT scores alone, it will automatically exclude large numbers of students of color.
    • Some factors we cannot control. We have to focus our energy on what we can control and reasonably impact.
    • Why is it that a student of color with a 3.8 GPA and a lower ACT score is not admitted to UWM? (case was presented). Do we look at the admission protocol? (The answer given was that the student was a deferred admit and the student needed to take additional testing.)
    • It appears that we never know what to look for based on the data. Perhaps we need to look at how well the students do in individual courses.
    • Students of color are not choosing UWM as their 1st choice, based on cases like the above. If we want to focus on admissions and access, let’s focus on our recruitment issues and campus climate also.

D. Venugopalan – Committees

  • ADA Advisory Committee and the Faculty and Employee committee
    • In the process of preparing data and looking at analyzing compensation
    • Also, looking at recruitment efforts and document how it impacts on these efforts
  • Ombudsman
    • Working group will meet June 5, 2006
    • document will be revised
    • R. Cheng indicates the Ombudsman program should be up and running in the Fall 2006.
  • Women in Science, Math & Engineering
    • recruitment efforts in hiring more women in these areas
    • attended a workshop at Marquette University
  • Discussion:

    • How can the Ombuds program be up and running in the Fall when the details have not been presented to the Council?
    • Details will be discussed at a meeting on June 5, 2006
    • Provost attended a conference on May 24th and participated on a panel regarding the middle and high school achievement gap. We will also be co-sponsoring with L&S an event on the Difficulties of Women in the Sciences.

IV. Evaluation Discussion (Co Chairs)

J. Prince – A more formal evaluation correspondence will be e-mailed in the coming weeks. This is critical to help to guide us on what we do well, and what needs to change for an effective process.

L. Martin – A summer course is being taught in Adult Education. These students can be utilized to craft an evaluation for the Council.

A. Lemelle – Concern of the lack of students present at the CCI meetings; perhaps an incentive can be proposed to attend the meetings.

G. Williams – Perhaps we could identify students in our classes; we’ve done this before and then worked with the student Association.

R. Cheng – The CCI meetings helps us stay on task.

V. Wrap Up/Summary of action items

J. Prince – Urged the council members to keep bringing up challenging ideas, and to always remember to debate the issues, not the person.

June: E-mails will be sent to all Council members to seek ideas for the September retreat. Joan will work to schedule co-chairs meeting with Chancellor for debriefing in June/July.