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Chancellor's Council on Inclusion


Chancellor’s Council on Inclusion
February 7, 2007
2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Rita Cheng
Larry Martin
Joan Prince
Chris Wiley
Jasmine Alinder
Kim Beck
Pamela Clark
Simone Conceição
Laura Drake
Enrique Figueroa
Jim Hill
Gregory Jay
Phyllis King
Yves LaPierre
Cassandra Magar
Sergio Piceno
Ruth Russell
Erika Sander
Cathy Seasholes
Stan Stojkovic
William Velez
Patricia Villarreal
Gwyn Wallander


Thursday, February 7, 2007
The Regents Room – Chapman Hall
Facilitator: Joan Prince


I. Welcome and Introductions - Dr. Prince

  • Dr. Prince welcomed everyone back, and asked for introductions.
  • Chancellor Santiago provided information regarding reinvestment in UWM for the remainder of 2007 year 2008. The reinvestment will center on educational initiatives, engineering, academic health, and recruitment and retention.
  • Also, UWM is ahead in its campaign and will reach its goal by the end of Spring 2007. The augmentation on the campaign will go towards scholarships - $50 Million dollar Scholarship campaign. We are also concentrating efforts in critical areas such as student financial support and student housing. Briefing on our outreach campus sites took place.

II. Council Logistics– Dr. Prince

  • Sign-up sheet and roster list
    • Dr. Prince asked all attendees to verify their information on the attendance sheet and roster.
    • She, once again, reminded individuals to look at the Provost’s web site to download our meeting agenda and minutes.

III. Ombuds update and discussion - Dr. Cheng

  • Selection process update
    • Interviews have been completed. List of Ombuds reflects the diversity of the university.
    • The Chancellor has asked Dr. Prince to staff his Council, and she will coordinate with the Provost’s office around training and implementation.


L. Martin - Requested clarification as to the structure of the Council, as some interviewees had questions.

R. Cheng - These questions will be addressed in the training sessions. However, in terms of the structure, the Chancellor’s Ombuds Council will be linked to her school/college Ombuds group through report generations. (Ombuds) is fairly large at UWM; advantage – no one should be overwhelmed

J. Prince - With a large (Ombuds) group reflective of the campus, people have more choices and no one person from the Ombuds group has the burden of doing all the work.

E. Sander - Has there been any information posted as to the layout and basic expectations, and what this involved?

R. Cheng and J. Prince - There are a lot of unanswered questions; it is a work in progress. We will work through many of these issues as we go along. An announcement is forthcoming to campus.

IV. Monitoring our Progress toward achieving our Plan 2008

Student Retention Discussion

R. Cheng - Discussion will center on Equity scorecard, access to success and related data. Dr. Ruth Williams will make a presentation regarding UWM’s efforts towards student recruitment and retention.

Dr. R. Williams introduced the team/committee involved, and presented materials/data regarding student recruitment and retention. Some key points based on the data were:

  • There has been a decline in female students at UWM
  • We noticed an increase in students returning to UWM if they have on-campus housing (Housing is a factor); Financial ability, tutoring and the bridge programs are also factor in students returning to UWM
  • The major question for discussion is: Would supplemental instruction also help in the retention of students.
    • Nigel - there will be a meeting held February 8, 2007 to discuss Freshman Seminar program here at UWM. Will examine what incentives can be built into the program and revitalize the curriculum (common freshman course).
    • Ruth Russell - There will be two sessions of the Summer Bridge program - a) mid- June and mid-July.
    • Dan - Will look further into the residential component and bridge more available for students outside Milwaukee area.
    • Ruth Williams - would like to get students input into the tutoring programs here on campus
    • Tony - want more input from students and faculty regarding the success of the Early Warning System; questions/concerns such as -- is it useful information for students and faculty; is the early contact helpful - from the student(s) and faculty perspective.
    • Ruth Williams - Freshman Mentoring program - had 500 students take part in this.
    • Academic Advising
      • Kelby Spann - advisors are advising more often, not less
      • G. Wallander - Stated that advisors will continue to evaluate ways/means to get message out to students beside e-mail.

E. Sander - How are the advisors networking with UWM schools, colleges and/or departments?

G. Wallander - Moving towards electronic/Web process; still there’s a need for a printed catalog because some students are not getting the message; students suggested a URL in the publication.

Kelby Spann - Working to determine if there are other methods to get the message out - faculty advisors/academic advisors

E. Figueroa - Is there an assessment of effective advising process correlating to student retention and closing the gap?

R. Williams - Nothing yet, but we’re building a system with I&MT to have a way to assess advising and retention

G. Jay - suggested that perhaps web analysis could be helpful in assessing advising

R. Williams - in regards to undergraduate assessment, financial concerns among students is still a major factor in not returning back to UWM. We need to identify what to do to help students who are in this situation.

Ruth Williams then went over retention data presented in the handouts.

V. Wrap Up/Summary of action items

  • Next Council meeting date is April 4, 2007 from 2:00 to 3:30 PM; Regents Room Chapman Hall