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Chancellor's Council on Inclusion


Chancellor’s Council on Inclusion
April 1, 2008
2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Carlos Santiago
Rita Cheng
Larry Martin
Joan Prince
Pamela Clark
Jennifer Murray
Sergio Piceno
Michael Powell
Ruth Russell
Cathy Seasholes
Patricia Villarreal


Wednesday, April 1, 2008
Student Union Room 240
Facilitator: Dr. Joan Prince


Welcome and Logistics - Co-chairs

  • Dr. Prince welcomed everyone.
  • Rough drafts of the UWM NCAA Self Study Certification Report were provided for members.

Chancellor's Comments - Dr. Carlos Santiago

  • Chancellor Santiago discussed initiatives UWM campus is involved in:
    • Council on Inclusion will continue to oversee or review various campus initiatives regarding diversity.
    • Our continued goal is to ensure an inclusive and diverse campus

      • Equity Scorecard
      • Plan 2008 - we're awaiting final data regarding graduation rates
      • Access to Success – continues to improve retention rates across the board
      • Student Housing/Recruitment - UWM has set aside housing for students; and is building more housing, but we need to raise funds for scholarships, particularly to house Milwaukee students.
      • Faculty Hiring – UWM has hired 11 applicants color out of 40 last year
      • NCAA Recertification – UWM Athletics is going through NCAA recertification. Joan Prince, chair of the process will provide an update.
      • UWM Ombuds Council – is now implemented and working; at this point it’s too early to tell results
      • UW-System Wide Climate Initiative – UWM will be participating
      • Community Outreach Offices – we will determine if the offices are working/helping in terms of diversifying the UWM campus.
      • Precollege programs – working with MATC, etc.; hoping these initiatives are paying off; will examine if need more money or les on these initiatives.

Overall – we will need time to review how UWM is progressing on all initiatives; we will look objectively as possible at these initiatives.

  • What strategies/approaches has UWM taken with the Milwaukee legislature? Would the Milwaukee legislature be concern about the graduation rates among colleges -- UWM here in the city? If they can assist UWM; perhaps it should be on their radar.

A: UWM approach has been more one on one rather addressing the entire city council group. We meet with them as much as possible.

  • It is important to have a common message when approaching/addressing Milwaukee city council.

Joan Prince– initiating a team of outreach with the Milwaukee legislature will be addressed.

Presentation and Item Discussion / NCAA Recertification - Joan Prince

The campus is undergoing a reflective examination of our Athletic department. This is a result of the recertification process offered by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). Approximately 10 years ago, the Athletic program was certified. We are undergoing the recertification process now, with a final report to be submitted by May 1, 2008. The report has resulted in two plans for review – a gender equity plan and a minority plan. We will hear from those involved in the process, and the progress in developing the plans.

Main Points:

  • Steering Committee and subcommittees
    • Self-Study Report due May 1, 2008
    • Peer Review Visit Sept/Oct 2008
    • Entire process to be completed by February 2009
    • Vice Chancellor Helen Mamarchev has been very helpful in the process.
    • Three subcommittees; Governance & rules compliance; Academic integrity; Equity and Well-Being
      • Subcommittees

      • Ruth - Question – please define Well-Being (subcommittee)
        • Cathy Seasholes is the chair of the Equity & Student Well-Being
        • This subcommittee reviews items related to student-athletes emotional and physical well-being on campus; issues of safety, travel, academics, tutoring.
        • Gender section – examine equity between male & female student-athletes; base on examination/review – a positive structure between male & female
        • Success stories – tutoring program; the new Klotsche Pavillion (locker rooms); scholarships
        • How is the athletic program funded? (approximately 45$ -segregated fees; 35% outside development – alumni; 10% 101 GPR)
        • Several surveys were prepared and distributed to student-athletes and coaches, as well as Athletic department staff.
        • There are three subcommittees on the UWM Athletic Board which parallels that of the NCAA Recertification subcommittees.
        • Lack of diverse candidates for the classified staff positions in Athletics, minimal numbers of diverse employees in the coaching ranks as well.
        • Athletic Board strategies are different and we may want to examine the percentage of open slots ... appointed versus elected
        • It was suggested that we must emphasize to provide strategies for faculty to serve on committees such as the Athletics Board. How do we raise these appointments to a prestigious and sought after appointment?
        • What do other universities similar to UWM do with data? Is it comparative baseline data?
        • This is a self-study process; no comparison or accreditation process
          • A master calendar plan is going to be implemented – Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs will create/handle
          • Enrollment strategies – increase retention & resources; outreach focus will be local and national
          • Programming opportunities connecting to student-athletes.
        • NCAA has a strict policy when it comes to scholarships; the self –study is examination of self-improvement and setting goal

Wrap Up/Summary of action items

  • Next Council meeting will be in the Fall.
  • Please refer to the web site for agenda/minutes/meetings.