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Diversity & Climate

Implementation Team Report

Accountability and Recognition

The Implementation Team for Accountability and Recognition has been engaged in discussion that may result in a “systematic sea change” for all areas of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The climate at UWM and the challenges specific to women and the climate in general are clearly mired in the broad differences between actual practice and current policies and procedures.

Priority areas assigned to this team include:

  • Overall climate for women on campus as it relates to the devaluing of the contributions of women; their lack of power to evoke change plus numerous factors contributing to a hostile work environment

  • Hiring, promotion and retention practices which do not adhere to policy; lack of clearly defined plans for each employee’s personal development and retention; and, lack of recognition and exclusion from decision-making along with inequitable performance standards

  • Organizational structure that responds appropriately and systematically, devoid of retaliation, to informal and formal complaints and grievances; and, provides accountability measures to eliminate abuses by supervisors

  • Educational opportunities in under-represented areas; professional resources and support services for women students that clearly improve the campus experience

The committee feels strongly about the need to build in accountability and align practices with long-standing policies and procedures. To do so effectively requires that individuals in top leadership positions be accountable to their colleagues both with immediate reports and those individuals who have ongoing working relationships outside of their immediate department. In addition, it is vital that these recommendations and accountability practices be linked directly to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Mission Statement in “core values” that will be measured in individual evaluations and be reflective of our combined commitment to the success and improved climate of UWM. It is our vision that these critical changes will result in an overall positive change for all faculty, staff and students and may employ many of the remedies suggested in the study itself.

Contact: Jean Salzer,, 229-5660