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Diversity & Climate

UWM Equity Scorecard

Project Overview

UW-Milwaukee began work on the Equity Scorecard in February 2006 as part of its continuing work and longstanding commitment to provide access and excellence for all students.

As part of a UW-System pilot project involving six volunteer campuses, modeled on work at the University of Southern California Center for Urban Education, the Equity Scorecard is a process by which UWM can foster institutional change through evidence-based inquiry. This inquiry is intended to inform planning and initiatives aimed at narrowing the gap between targeted and non-targeted populations. The process focuses on fostering effectiveness by increasing the campus capacity to interpret and share data, expanding knowledge about underlying factors that result in inequities among student populations, and engaging in analyses that result in equity-oriented goals and benchmarks.

The Equity Scorecard Evidence Team is comprised of a diverse group of faculty, staff, students and administrators from across campus. Their work has focused on examining data disaggregated by race and ethnicity across the four perspectives of the scorecard: access, retention, institutional receptivity and excellence. This work will eventually culminate in a scorecard unique to UWM that includes goals, measures and benchmarks and a report to the Chancellor and campus community that will serve to inform decisions about strategic actions.