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Diversity & Climate

Volunteer Form for Task Force Recommendations

In the course of implementing the findings of the UWM Task Force on the Climate for Women we will rely on governance groups, units and individuals to make some of these things happen. As we begin to work on this agenda we are asking for your help. Please use this form to indicate your interest.

Yes, I want to provide assistance for work to be done on campus regarding the recommendations in the UWM Task Force on the Climate for Women.

Name: ________________________________________________________

Campus Address: _____________________________________________
Phone: _________________ FAX: ______________ e-mail: _____________

Please check one or more of the topic areas you wish to provide assistance on:

Accountability and recognition. Includes recommendations on: equity, evaluations, grievance mechanism, discrimination, safety, harassment, communication tools, awards. . .

Recruitment and professional development. Includes recommendations on: diversity in hiring, recruitment in general, equity in promotions, succession planning, career ladders, mentoring, evaluations, tuition reimbursements. . .

Work/life balance. Includes recommendations on: childcare, overtime, flextime, partner accommodations, services for women and minorities, benefits handbook. . .

Curriculum. Includes recommendations on: course content, pedagogic strategies, alternative assignments. . .

Return form to Associate Vice Chancellor Sona Andrews, Room 230 Chapman Hall.
I thank you in advance for your help.