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UWM Academic Planning II Retreat:
May 23, 2013

Materials from May 23 Retreat



Documents & Information Resources

Planning Portal
Current Program Array
Identifying & Prioritizing New Academic Programs
New Degree Programs

AAC&U Employer Survey
AAC&U Employer-Educator Compact

Identifying & Prioritizing New Academic Programs: Program Array and Competitors
UW System List of Majors by School
Fact Book (Academic Majors by Degree Level 2012-13)
Fields of Study Offered by Plan Type
UWM Field of Study and Occupational Projections
IPEDS Data Center

Identifying & Prioritizing New Academic Programs: Current UWM Student Profile and Trends
UWM New Freshman Academic Profile
New Freshmen and New Transfer Six-Year Enrollment/Graduation Status
Degrees Conferred
Retention and Graduation Reports
New Transfers by Previous College
Admitted New Freshman and New Transfer Students: Institution of Enrollment
Fall Student Enrollment Trends - coming soon

Identifying & Prioritizing New Academic Programs: UWM and Departmental Resources
Partnership Data
Department Dashboard
Departmental Profiles