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Budget & Planning

UWM Resource Planning Guidelines
February 2007


The Provost is requesting the input of deans, directors and vice chancellors on the following planning issues by March 15, 2007. The information collected in this round of planning will form the basis for continued planning to invest strategically current and potential campus resources.

The context for your planning is described on the next page. We ask that your responses take into account the possible future scenarios and other information provided. Also, please recognize that our 2007-09 budget request and capital plan are already submitted. Any resource or space investments outside of those planned for in those documents will have to be minimal and utilize current campus resources.

  1. Identify critical resource/space issues in 2007-09 that will substantially impact your unit’s ability to contribute to the campus and unit goals.

    A. Resource challenges/proposals
    B. Space challenges/proposals

  2. Suggest investments and/or realignments of resources and/or space/physical resources starting in 2009 that will substantially contribute to the campus and unit strategic goals.

    A. Resource proposals
    B. Space proposals

  3. How would your unit adapt to the opportunities and challenges offered by potential multiple campus sites?

In formulating responses, deans and directors should work with their respective departments and governance groups. Upon compiling the reports, the provost will seek the review and recommendations of deans and directors, the chancellor’s executive staff, and the Academic Planning and Budget Committee, as well as other key governance groups, in drafting a preliminary campus resource plan.


Context for Planning:

UWM Common Goals:

Enhance research status and extramural funding
Maintain access while increasing student success
Enhance diversity of student body, faculty and staff

Additional Selected Goals for Division, School/College or Unit:

Planning Scenarios

  Additions to campus footprint
New funds over next 3 biennia  
400,00 – 600,000 sq ft site
400,00 – 600,000 sq ft sites
400,00 – 600,000 sq ft sites

Resource Assumptions

New funds through DIN requests:
  • 2007-09 funds ($10M) dedicated to faculty positions to support research growth in medical imaging, sciences and engineering; public health; RGI funding; graduate students; and undergraduate research
  • 2009 – 13 anticipated requests ($20M) assumed to also focus on similar research areas including public health, possibly pharmacy
Campus re-investments:
  • Access to Success initiatives at the campus and unit levels
  • Program support for areas not receiving new state resources

Space additions (regional campuses and/or Columbia site):

  • Assignment priority to academic health (public health, nursing, health sciences, social work, and possible pharmacy) and to engineering (engineering, medical imaging, advanced manufacturing) for potential new regional additions
  • Utilization of Kenwood campus needs to be considered in case:
    • Additional space is not acquired but designated programs are resourced to grow; or
    • Additional space is acquired and programs vacate current space assignments.