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Policies & Procedures

Class-related Policies and Procedures:
End of Semester Memorandum

Download End of Semester Memo in PDF format

May 7, 2012


TO: Deans
  Division Heads
  Academic Administrative Network (Associate & Assistant Deans)
  Department Chairs
  Advisors and Counselors Network

FROM: Johannes Britz
  Provost and Vice Chancellor


End of Semester Memo

As we end the Spring semester I would like to remind you of a few important items and ask that you share this information with faculty and instructional staff.

  1. Schedule of Final Exams

    UWM Academic and Administrative Policy S-22 outlines the scheduling, change in scheduling, and exemption for final examinations. With rare exceptions, the final examination shall be given during the regular examination period. The time of a final examination for an individual or a class may be changed only with the prior approval of the deanAn approved change can only be a postponement to a later date and must be clearly communicated to students early in the term.  Final exams may not exceed two hours in length, even for courses which have met only once per week during the semester for longer than two hours. The academic department, in consultation with the appropriate dean or director, is authorized to exempt particular courses from the final examination, when it is determined that no essential education purpose is served by the two-hour final examinations. A summary of the policy is at Questions regarding the policy should be directed to the Secretary of the University.

  2. Policy on Teaching Evaluation Procedures

    Faculty Document No. 2019 outlines the policies regarding teaching evaluations. The policy states that all departments/instructional units will conduct end-of-the-semester student evaluations in every section of every course. This should include UWinteriM and summer session courses. Since the department/instructional unit determines the format of its course evaluations you should consult your department chairperson if you have any questions. The policy can be found at

  3. Posting of Student Grades

    Posting a list of students? names and grades represents a violation of the provision regarding release of a student?s education record without written authorization and should not be allowed. Be aware that social security numbers, UWM student ID numbers, or any parts of them may not be used to identify grades whether they are final course grades or exam or assignment grades. This does not preclude you from posting grades as long as the procedure used ensures student anonymity. Posting grades with a unique identifier known only to the student and instructor is acceptable. In such cases, you should not order the list alphabetically.

  4. Grading and Grade Records

    Faculty Document No. 1927 outlines the policies on grading and grade records, and is available from your department chair and at  The policy on assigning F-Grades to students is available at Please consult both documents for information on responsibilities for evaluation, grade and record changes, record keeping and special consideration.  Information on grading functionality within PAWS can be found at Please note that under no circumstances may individual student grades be shared with other students, nor may grades be emailed to students.

  5. Students Called to Active Duty Military Service

    I would also remind you that UWM and the UW System have put in place a number of policies and procedures designed to accommodate students who must temporarily interrupt their studies when called to active duty military service. Go to for more detailed information. Students in this situation do have some options not generally available under our usual academic and administrative policies, so if you have not done so recently I would encourage you to review this document.

  6. Course Syllabus Policy

    I wish to remind those preparing course materials for the upcoming semester that Faculty Document No. 1895 states that "At the first class session, each student in each course will be supplied a syllabus that contains essential information about the course and department policies that affect the conduct of the course." At the request of the Faculty Senate, the Academic Policy Committee prepared a summary of recommended items for each course syllabus. This summary is available in printed form from your department chair and at See also Instructors are encouraged to upload the syllabi for their upcoming courses to the online Schedule of Classes.  Please go to, click on the appropriate semester and then on the first link in the left-hand column "Upload Syllabi (Instructors Only)."

    The Federal Higher Education Opportunities Act (HEOA) REQUIRES institutions to provide the campus bookstore with textbook information on each course in advance of student registration for each term. Textbook disclosure information is extremely important to students and parents as well as bookstore operations. Please note that providing this information to the UWM Bookstore does not mean that students must buy the book from them. Our Bookstore simply acts as the clearinghouse for this information, verifies accuracy, and then makes it readily available via a link from our online Schedule of Classes. Knowing this information earlier enables students to shop around for the best price.

    If you have not already done so, please submit your textbook information to the UWM Bookstore as soon as possible. The deadlines for summer and fall semester book adoptions were as follow:
    For summer, 2012:  Monday, March 26 (Registration begins Monday, April 2)
    For fall, 2012:  Monday, April 9 (Registration begins Monday, April 16)
    For more info about submitting your textbook information, contact:
    Web form:
    Phone:  414/229-4900
    I wish to draw particular attention to the issue of academic conduct and ask that you include a statement in your syllabus clarifying both UWM?s and your expectations of appropriate student academic conduct. Student academic misconduct procedures are specified in Chapter UWS 14 and Faculty Document No. 1686 and can be found at

    I also want to remind you that we are required to make provisions of accommodation for students with disabilities. It is expected that you will provide early information on text titles and syllabus information with a schedule of readings for these students so that materials can be converted to other forms in a timely manner. Please contact the Student Accessibility Center at x5822 if you need assistance or have questions on this matter.

  7. Reserve Services

    Please be advised that the priority deadlines for turning in Summer 2012 and Fall 2012 as follows:

          For Summer 2012:

    • E-Reserve requests are due 1-2 weeks prior to your Summer Session start dates.
    • Traditional Reserve requests are due 5-7 days prior to your Summer Session start dates.

          For Fall 2012:

    • E-Reserve requests are due Monday, August 13, 2012.
    • Traditional Reserve requests are due Friday, August 24, 2012.

    Requests for materials that are received after these timeframes will be put in a queue and addressed on a "first come, first served" basis and therefore may not be processed in time for the first day of classes. Please contact Reserve Services staff directly to place any special book orders well prior to these deadlines.

    Other considerations:

    • Note that Traditional and E-Reserve requests may be made any time throughout the semester - and lead times are significantly shorter during non-peak processing times.
    • Reserve Services staff is happy to meet with you in person to help you with your requests and are also more than willing to place any personal copies of your textbooks on Traditional Reserve. Providing a course syllabus or reading list with complete citations allows us to process your materials in the order that your students need it.
    • Contact the Reserve Services Department at 229-3698 or You may submit your requests online at

  8. Helping Students Cope with Stress

    Given the many demands college students face today, stress is unavoidable. The simplest words or actions from an influential adult can have a significant impact on how students succeed. For students struggling to balance the stressors in their lives, resources are available. Close friends, relatives, clergy, coaches - anyone who is seen as caring and trustworthy may be a potential resource in times of trouble. In your position as faculty or staff member, students may also view you as someone who listens and offers guidance. By expressing interest and concern you have an opportunity to help a student in need find appropriate assistance.

    For more information about how you can help UWM students manage stress, please contact Norris Health Center's Counseling and Consultation Services or the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness (414) 229-4716.

Your cooperation in all these matters is greatly appreciated.

c: Michael Lovell, Chancellor
  Michael Laliberte, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
  Mark Schwartz, Chair, University Committee
  Jean Salzer, Chair, Academic Staff Committee
  Trudy Turner, Secretary of the University
  Phyllis King, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor
  Dev Venugopalan, Associate Vice Chancellor
  Beth Weckmueller, Executive Director, Enrollment Services
  Jan Ford, Executive Director, Recruitment & Outreach
  Jane Hojan-Clark, Executive Director, Financial Aid
  Ericca Rolland, Director of the First Year Center
  Sandy Humes, Assistant Director, Records and Grades
  Danielle Willis, Classroom Assignments
  Laurie Petersen, Director, Student Accessibility Center
  Tracy Buss, Academic Programs Coordinator, Center for International Education

Download End of Semester Memorandum (May 2012)