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Academic Affairs A-Z Sitemap

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Links with * denote sites updated by offices other than the Provost's Office

- A -

Academic Approval Matrix* [ PDF format ]

Academic Continuity

Academic Misconduct (Student) Policies and Procedures: A Guide for Instructors

Academic Opportunity Center*

UWM Academic Planning: 2012-13 Planning Process

Academic Plans, School & College (2014)

Academic Program & Curriculum Committee (APCC)*

Access to Success

Access to Success Campus Conferences: Presentations & Data


UW-Milwaukee Accreditation documents relating to The Higher Learning Commission-A Commission of the North Central Association (NCA) of Colleges and Schools

Specialized Accreditation Schedule [ PDF format ]

Active Learning Classrooms

UWM Campus-Wide Advising Mission Statement

- also in pdf format[ PDF format ]

Advisors and Counselors Network (ACN)

Advisory Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues*

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Advisory Committee

Cheryl Andres, Sr. Administrative Program Specialist

Announcement on Use of Campus Indirect Costs to Support Library and IT Infrastructure (12/2009)

Archived Documents on Academic Affairs/Provost and Vice Chancellor Web site


Assessment and Institutional Research, Office of

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- B -

Johannes Britz, Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

2011-13 Campus Budget Proposals

Building Schedule for Fall 2014 and UWinteriM 2015 [ PDF format ]

Building Space Inventory Summary

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- C -

Campus Map*

Campus Space and Facilities Information*

Campus Space Planning

2013-2015 UWM Capital Planning Issues and Themes [ PDF format ]

Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research (CCBLLR), Creation of (Announcement-August 2013)

Center for Instructional & Professional Development (CIPD)*

Center for International Education*

UWM Centers & Institutes (Listing Updated 8/23/2012)

Centers & Institutes (New Program Information)*

Certificates: Graduate (New Program Information)* [ PDF format ]

Certificate: Undergraduate (New Program Information)

Class-related Policies and Procedures
  • Fall 2014: End of Semester Memorandum (December 2014) [ PDF format ] (includes information on: Schedule of Final Exams, Teaching Evaluation Procedures, Posting of Student Grades, Grading and Grade Records, Students Called to Active Duty Military Service, Course Syllabus Policy, Reserve Services, and Helping Students Cope with Stress)

  • Fall 2014: Beginning of Semester Memorandum (August 2014) [ PDF format ] (includes information on: Course Syllabus Policy, Reserve Services, Accommodations for Students with Disabilities, Religious Observances, Teaching Evaluation Procedures, FERPA Reminder, Grading and Grade Records, Posting of Student Grades, Drop/Withdrawal/Repeat Policies, Early Warning System for Selected Students, Helping Students Cope with Stress, The Campus Assessment, Response and Education (CARE) Team, the S.A.F.E. Campaign, Students Called to Military Service and Schedule of Final Exams)

Classroom Assignments Room Inventory

(General Access) Classroom Event Scheduling Policy (December 2012)

(General Access) Classroom Scheduling

UWM Campus Climate Survey Findings (November 2008): Final Report, Executive Summary, Appendices, Feedback

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- D -

Deans: Announcements & Deans Searches - Position Announcements, Updates, Deans/Interim Deans Appointed:

2014 Department Chair Retreat Materials

Differential Tuition

UWM's Digital Future

Digital Future Grants: Request for Proposals -- Envisioning UWM's Digital Future -- 3rd Round of Funding

2007-09 DIN Hire Summary

Diversity and Climate at UWM: A Campus Conversation (March 10-11, 2011) Diversity Fellows Program

Gesele Durham, Director of Assessment and Institutional Research

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- E -

Educational Technology Fee Call for Proposals (2014-15)

Educational Technology Fee Policies and Procedures Department of Enrollment Services*

Equity/Diversity Services (E/DS)*

Equity Scorecard (UWM)

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- F -

Faculty & Academic Staff Promotional Increments [ PDF format ]

Faculty Partner Accommodation Policy

Faculty Role in Access to Success [ PDF format ]

Faculty Sabbatical Guidelines 2015-16

Faculty/Staff Development Programs Overview

Faculty Strategic Hiring and Retention [ PDF format ]

Department of Financial Aid*

UW Flexible Option*

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- G -

General Education Requirement (GER) Assessment at UW-Milwaukee

General Education Requirements Policies & Procedures (2012)

UWM General Education Task Force

Grading and Grade Records Policies

Graduate School Task Force Final Report (October 2012)

Graduate School Work Group 2009

Graduating Senior Surveys

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- H -

Hate/Bias Incident Reporting Form*

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)*

Human Resources*

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- I -

Information Technology Policy Committee *

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- J -

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- K -

Bridgett Kemp, Sr. Administrative Program Specialist

Phyllis King, Associate Vice Chancellor

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- L -

Learning Technology Center*

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- M -

Majors (New Program Information) * [ PDF format ]

Merit Guidelines: See UWM Unclassified Pay Plan Guidelines 2008-2009 [ PDF format ]

Military-related Policies & Information

Multicultural Student Center*

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- N -

New Programs (Procedures for)

News from Academic Affairs

North Central Assocation (NCA): See Accreditation (UW-Milwaukee)

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- O -

Online Program Council

Online Program Development

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- P -

Laura Pedrick, Assistant to the Provost for Strategic Initiatives

Plan 2008: Educational Quality Through Racial and Ethnic Diversity

2010-11 Planning Documents

2010-11 Planning Documents: Guidelines & Materials

Planning Portal*

Sue Podgorski, Sr. Administrative Specialist

Professional Development and Employee Enrichment Calendar*

Progress Report Submitted to The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges & Schools by UW-Milwaukee (July, 2008)

Program Change Procedures

Program Integrity Rule

Program Review Guidelines

Program Review Schedule [ PDF format ]

Promotional Increments (Faculty & Academic Staff) for 2012-13 [ PDF format ]

Provost's Task Force on Family Leave Report on Policy and Practice (2008-2010)

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- Q -

Quality Initiative (May 2010)

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- R -

Department of Recruitment and Outreach*

Religious Beliefs (Accommodation of)*

Removing Obstacles to Student Success

Roberto Hernandez Center*

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- S -

Sabbatical Guidelines (Faculty) 2015-2016

School of Continuing Education: Distance Learning & Instructional Support*

School of Information Studies Distance Education Program*

Seed Funding for New & Refreshed Online Programs for 2014-15

Selected Academic and Administrative Policies*

Senior Surveys: See "Graduating Senior Surveys"

Space Assignment Request Form [ PDF format ]

Strategic Indicators (November 2014)

Strategic Planning (Campus)*

Student Academic Misconduct: See "Academic Misconduct (Student) Policies & Procedures: A Guide for Instructors"

Student Accessibility Center*

Student Military Call Up Information*

The Student Success Collaborative at UWM

Student Support Services Program*

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- T -

Task Force on the Climate for Women (UWM) Report [ PDF format ]

Task Force on Race and Ethnicity (UWM)
Teachers for A New Era*

Time-Off Forms for Provost's Staff & Deans

Toronto International First Year Conference Presentation on Access to Success (July 2006) [ PDF format ]

Transfer Equity Study Final Report (UWM/MATC), June 2010

TRIO and Pre-College Programs*

Tuition Reimbursement Program*

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- U -

Unclassified Personnel Actions (Deadlines and Procedures)

Uniform Syllabus Policy* [ PDF format ]

University Architects/Planning & Transportation*

University Information Technology Services*

University of Wisconsin BSN@Home (Nursing) Program*

UWM College Connection*

UWM Distinguished Professors*

UWM Libraries*

UWM in New Orleans*

UWM Policies and Procedures (Faculty)*

UWM WWHEL Chapter (Wisconsin Women in Higher Education Leadership)*

UWS Division of Academic Affairs: Grant & Funding Sources*

2014-15 UW-System OPID Teaching & Learning Grants Program

UWS Policies and Procedures*

UWS Report on the Status of Women*

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- V -

Dev Venugopalan, Associate Vice Chancellor

Vice Provost for Research Search & Screen Committee (December 2014)

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- W -

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- X -

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- Y -

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- Z -

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