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UWM Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014


This undergraduate catalog is divided into two basic content areas.

The front section (through the Academic Information section) contains basic, noncurricular information pertinent to undergraduate education.

The school and college sections that follow include program requirements, course descriptions, and faculty listings.


100-299 Lower division courses not open to graduate students for credit.

300-699 Upper division courses that may, if so designated, carry graduate credit. Courses with level "U" are offered for undergraduate credit only; courses with level "U/G" may be offered for undergraduate and/or graduate credit. Insofar as a course approved for graduate credit may not be offered for graduate credit in a given semester, the current Timetable should be consulted. Junior standing is normally a minimum prerequisite for 300-699 courses which carry graduate credit.

Abbreviations in Course Descriptions




R-recommended course

NP-nonrepeatable prerequisite


NC-nonrepeatable corequisite

ER-enrollment restriction
fr, soph, jr, sr, grad st-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate standing



conc reg-concurrent registration

conc enrol-concurrent enrollment

cons instr-consent of instructor

cons Dept Chair-consent of Department Chairperson

cons prog dir-consent of program director
lit-in-trans-literature in translation



This catalog includes academic policies, procedures, programs, courses, and requirements in effect at the time of publication. The University faculty and administration reserve the right to make changes in these regulations; some of these changes may affect students' programs. Efforts will be made to publicize all changes, but it is the responsibility of students to ascertain the requirements of their programs at all times.


The following abbreviations are used to identify UWM courses in this catalog.
Ad Ldsp Administrative Leadership

Africol Africology

Anthro Anthropology

Arabic Arabic

Arch Architecture

Art Art

Art Ed Art Education

ArtHist Art History

Astron Astronomy

Atm Sci Atmospheric Sciences

BMS BioMedical Sciences

Bio Sci Biological Sciences

Bus Adm Business Administration

CES Conservation and Environmental Science

Chem Chemistry

Chinese Chinese

Civ Eng Civil Engineering and Mechanics

Classic Classics

Commun Communication

CompLit Comparative Literature

CompSci Computer Science

ComSDis Communication Sciences and Disorders

Couns Counseling/Rehabilitation Counseling

Crm Jst Criminal Justice

CurrIns Curriculum & Instruction

Dance Dance

EAS Engineering and Applied Science

Econ Economics

Educ Education

Ed Pol Educational Policy and Community Studies

Ed Psy Educational Psychology

Educ Education

ElecEng Electrical Engineering

English English

ESL English as a Second Language

Ethnic Ethnic Studies

ExcEduc Exceptional Education

Film Film

FilmStd Film Studies

FineArt Fine Arts-Interdepartmental

FLL Foreign Languages and Linguistics

Food Food Studies

French French

FrshWtr Freshwater Sciences

Geo Sci Geological Sciences

Geog Geography

German German

Greek Greek

HCA Health Care Administration

Hebr St Hebrew Studies

HIA Health Information Administration

Hist History

Honors Honors Program

Ind Eng Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Intl St International Studies

Italian Italian

JAMS Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies

Jewish Jewish Studies

Kin Kinesiology

Latin Latin

Latino Latino Studies

L&I Sci/Info St Library and Information Science

L&S Hum Letters & Science Humanities

L&S NS Letters & Science Natural Science

L&S SS Letters & Science Social Sciences

LGBT Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Studies

Linguis Linguistics

Math Mathematical Sciences

MatlEng Materials

MechEng Mechanical Engineering

MthStat Mathematical Statistics

Mus Ed Music Education

Music Music

MusPerf Music Performance

MusThpy Music Therapy

Nurs Nursing

OccThpy Occupational Therapy

PeaceSt Peace Studies

Philos Philosophy

Phy Ed Physical Education

Physics Physics

Pol Sci Political Science

Polish Polish

Portugs Portuguese

Psych Psychology

Russian Russian

Sociol Sociology

Soc Wrk Social Work

Spanish Spanish

Spt&Rec Sport and Recreation

Srb-Cro Serbo-Croatian

TherRec Therapoeutic Recreation

Thr BA Theatre BA

ThrPTTP Theatre PTTP

Ukrnian Ukrainian

UrbPlan Urban Planning

Urb Std Urban Studies Program

UWS Nsg UW System Collab B.S. for R.N.s

Wmns Center for Women's Studies


R-Recommended Course. A course which the instructor strongly recommends be taken prior to enrollment in a subsequent course.

Ex.: Anthro 334 American Indians of the Southwest...Prereq: Anthro 314 (R). Anthro 314 is recommended for students enrolling in Anthro 334.

P-Prerequisite. A course in which a student is required to earn credit prior to being allowed to enroll in a subsequent higher level course. A prerequisite course may not be taken for credit subsequent to the earning of credit in the higher level course.

Ex.: Psych 205 Personality...Prereq: Psych 101 (P). Students must earn credit in Psych 101 before enrolling in Psych 205, and may not receive credit for Psych 101 after enrolling in Psych 205.

NP-Nonrepeatable Prerequisite. A prerequisite course for which the student is not permitted to substitute the grade earned when the course is repeated subsequent to earning credit in the higher level course.

Ex.: CompSci 252 Computer Programming II...Prereq: CompSci 152 (NP). Students may not repeat CompSci 152 for the purpose of receiving a higher grade after enrolling in CompSci 252.

C-Corequisite. A course which may be taken as either a prerequisite or as a concurrent registration with the higher level course.

Ex.: Bus Adm 210 Introduction to Management Statistics...Prereq: Math 211 (C) or Math 231 (C). Students must enroll in Math 211 or 231 either prior to or at the same time as they enroll in Bus Adm 210.

NC-Nonrepeatable Corequisite. A corequisite course for which the student is not permitted to substitute the grade earned when the course is repeated subsequent to earning credit in the higher level course.

Ex.: HlthMnt 232 Nursing Practice for Health Promotion...Prereq: admission to enroll in clinical nursing major; HlthMnt 210 (NC), 211 (NC); FndNurs 230 (NC); HlthRst 320 (NC). Students must enroll in the four listed (NC) courses either prior to or at the same time as they enroll in HlthMnt 232. They may not repeat any of these four courses for the purpose of receiving a higher grade after enrolling in HlthMnt 232.

ER-Enrollment Restriction. A course which is not open for enrollment to students who have earned credits in a specified course (or courses) with similar or overlapping content.

Ex: Econ 100-after cr is earned in Econ 103 or 104.

A course number followed by another number in parentheses means that the course was previously offered under the number in parentheses. The two courses are the same course; and the repeat policy applies.

Ex: Hum Kin 270 (370) - Hum Kin 270 is the same course as Hum Kin 370. A student with credit in Hum Kin 370 may enroll in 270 as a repeat unless 370 was taken more than once.

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