Web-Based Early Warning System

Instructors of freshmen students are asked to assess their students' progress and let them and their academic advisors know, via a web report on PAWS, if their performance is satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

Beginning with the third week of the semester, instructors are able to enter feedback concerning a student's progress in a course. A faculty member can enter Never Attended, Satisfactroy, Unable to Assess, or Unsatisfactory. If "Unsatisfactory" is entered, the faculty member may indicate that a student's unsatisfactory progress is based upon attendance, assignment, quiz/exam, or participation. Because this information also appears on the web reports academic advisors receive about each of their assigned advisees, the faculty member may also add additional comments to assist the academic advisor in working with the student to improve his/her performance of the course.

Although not all instructors participate in this program, it is to your benefit to meet with your advisor early if you are having trouble in a course. They can assist you in finding the help you need to be successful.

Listen to the Early Warning System Podcast (March 2006)