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Dennis R. McBride

mcbrideBA Journalism`76 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Master of Public Affairs `80 from Princeton University; JD `80 from New York University School of Law

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Senior Trial Attorney, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Milwaukee Area Office, and Alderman, 4th District, City of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

For more than 20 years, Dennis has been a Senior Trial Attorney, and for six years a Supervisory Trial Attorney, litigating employment discrimination cases throughout the Upper Midwest.In April 2008, he was elected 4th District Alderman of the City of Wauwatosa, devoting hundreds of hours to make the community better for all citizens.Dennis has been a member of the board of directors of the Friends of Hoyt Park & Pool, Inc. (FOHPP) and helped to negotiate FOHPP’s 55-year lease with Milwaukee County, which made it possible for the Friends to build a new pool.

Dennis has been a major force in historic preservation activities. He served as co-chair of the Wauwatosa High School Memorial Project, an award-winning effort which restored the historic Art Deco lobby and Works Project Administration murals at Wauwatosa East High School, and created a museum of artifacts for that school, which dates back to 1871.

As a Wauwatosa Alderman, Dennis has been a leading advocate for the creation and development of UWM’s Innovation Park. In addition, Dennis frequently speaks on topics of law, race relations, and Irish and Irish-American history and culture throughout the Midwest.