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Alumni Association Membership


All graduates of UWM are now automatically members of the UWM Alumni Association, a dues-free organization that strives to connect alumni to the University and each other. Take advantage of the great benefits of being an alumni member and stay connected to our growing network of over 141,000 UWM graduates worldwide.

Your UWMAA membership card is needed to take advantage of certain benefits. Click on the graphic on the right this page to request an alumni card.

Sustaining Contributor Level Membership

We encourage you to consider becoming more closely affiliated with the Alumni Association by becoming a Sustaining Contributor. You can join this special group of alumni ambassadors by making a one-time donation of $500 (you may also elect to spread payments over two years). Contributions help support UWM alumni programs, services and advancing the mission of the Alumni Association. Sustaining Contributors enjoy additional membership benefits.

You can fill out a Sustaining Contributor sign-up form and mail it to the Alumni Association with your donation.

If you were a life member prior to the Alumni Association becoming a dues-free organization on July 1, 2005, you're now considered a sustaining contributor.

Associate Membership

If you're not a UWM alumnus but would like to be more closely associated with the UWM Alumni Association, you can become an Associate member. You'll get all the benefits available to all alumni, except those offered to Sustaining Contributors. Associate member sign-up form.