University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Starting a New Alumni Chapter
Setting up a UWM Alumni Chapter is an incredible way to make a lasting and positive impact on your fellow alumni, UWM students, the University, and your community.  Simply follow these steps to success!

Take the first Panther stride.
-Before you move forward, make sure your chapter doesn’t already exist by visiting our Alumni Chapter page.
-Contact Cynthia Fitzsimmons, UWM Alumni Association, at 414-229-3266 or with your chapter ideas and specify which population your chapter will strive to reach.
-Consider your target audience. UWMAA staff can help you determine how many alumni live in your area (for geographic alumni chapters) and/or share your common bond (for college, heritage or special interest alumni chapters).

Spread the word and gather the group.
-Work with the UWMAA to reach out to your target alumni population through the Alumni Directory and by utilizing our Communication Tools
-Schedule one-on-one meetings with potential leaders and/or consider organizing a simple get-together with alumni interested in the chapter to gauge interest, identify leaders, and meet fellow Panthers. You may want to use an interest form for attendees to fill out at the meeting. 
- Keep a growing list of interested individuals and their contact information.  Consider: Who might the influential people be that can bring others on board?  Who might be potential leaders of the chapter?

Pounce out the details.
-Once you have a group of interested alumni, follow up with a planning meeting to organize the new chapter. Agenda items might include: organization (chapter structure and leadership), mission (overall purpose of the chapter), potential upcoming activities (student-focused program, campus visit, admissions event, fundraiser, speaker, etc.), and recruitment strategies for attracting new alumni leaders and chapter members. 
-Be sure to check out the Chapter Toolkit for resources to help you with each of these agenda items.
-Use the Chapter Scorecard to see a snapshot of chapter expectations and help guide your strategy.

Make it official.
See the Six Guidelines for Becoming a Recognized UWM Chapter and contact Cynthia Fitzsimmons, UWM Alumni Association, at 414-229-3266 or to celebrate the ground-breaking and plan for next steps!  Go Panthers!