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Travel Policies & Procedures

5.2.1: General Travel Policy

5.2.2: USBank Visa Travel Card
5.2.3: Travel Expense Report Instructions
5.2.4: Travel Forms
5.2.5 Purchasing Card for Travelers
5.2.6: UW Tax Exemption Card

Travel Options
5.3.1: Air Travel  (panther ID required) NEW!
5.3.2: Bus/Train Travel
5.3.4: Taxis and Shuttles
5.3.5: Fleet Vehicles
5.3.6: Privately Owned Vehicles or Motorcycles
5.3.7: Vehicle Rental Policy (panther ID required)
5.3.8: Travel Agencies
Travel Expenses
5.5.1: Meals
5.5.2: Lodging - General Policies
5.5.2a: Local Lodging
5.5.2b: Local Hotel Listings
5.5.3: Miscellaneous Expenses
5.5.4: Expenses Not Reimbursable

Other Related Expenses
5.6.1: Registration Fee Reimbursement
5.6.2: Headquarters City and UWM Sponsored Events
5.6.3: Travel Advances
5.6.4: Field Trips
5.6.5: Applicant Interviews

5.6.7: Moving Expenses Reimbursement