Lubar Faculty and Staff

Office of the Dean

Lubar Hall N418

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Sheldon B. Lubar
School of Business
P.O. Box 742
Milwaukee, WI 53201

(414) 229-4235
(414) 229-6957

Administration & Staff


Timothy L. Smunt, Dean
Janice S. Miller, Senior Associate Dean
Sanjoy Ghose, Interim Associate Dean, PhD Program and Research
Barbara Fitzgerald, Assistant Dean, Business Affairs
TJ Jeske, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Kris Piwek, Assistant Dean, Administrative Affairs & Communication
Dennis Sterling, Interim Assistant Dean, Executive Education & Career Services

Mary Alberti, Director of Operations, Executive Education
Patrick Buckley, Director of Marketing
Mary K. Bruno, Human Resources Manager
Eric Dietenberger, Information Processing Consultant
Nance Gusavac, Administrative Affairs & PhD Program Coordinator
Dawn Koerten, Academic Affairs Coordinator
Keith Kunkel, Information Processing Consultant
Sandy Mollberg, Information Processing Consultant
Jerad Lumina, Information Processing Consultant
Atis Purins, Information Processing Consultant
Raymond Rausch, Investigating Officer
Joslyn Schiedt, Marketing Manager
Gene Wright, Executive MBA Program Director

Graduate Program ServicesMatthew Jensen, MBA/MS Program Manager
Kathy Price, MBA/MS Recruiter

Jeffrey Neuhauser, Senior Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Student Services Center

Kristine Raymond, Student Services Coordinator/Senior Academic Advisor
Alejandra Carreno Lopez, Multicultural Student Coordinator/Academic Advisor
Monica Camacho, Academic Advisor
Andrea Wrench, Senior Academic Advisor/Scholarship Coordinator
James Hardy, Academic Advisor
Chris Pahl, Academic Advisor
Quincy LaGrant, Undergraduate Recruiter

Career Services

Greg Krejci, Career Services Director
Jason Kantrowitz, Senior Career Advisor
Daniel Neuwirth, Senior Career Advisor