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As a leader in information technology education and research since 1970, the Lubar School of Business has a reputation for excellence in preparing IT professionals to seize opportunities for their organizations. Through an array of degree programs, internships, and industry projects, students not only acquire knowledge, but gain experience in applying their education to real-world challenges. As a result, Lubar graduates hold significant information technology positions in world class organizations throughout the nation.

The Lubar School's Information Technology Management faculty are internationally regarded for the quality of their research and are widely known for their impact in the classroom and commitment to student learning. The faculty are leaders in the field, and include multiple named and Wisconsin Distinguished Professors.

The Lubar School's Center for Technology Innovation provides a critical bridge to industry and employers in the region through research initiatives and corporate education. The School is also distinguished as one of only two SAP University Competence Centers in North America—one of only five worldwide. These relationships with industry provide critical connections that serve to enhance the student experience at the Lubar School of Business.

Multiple Program Options

The Lubar School's array of graduate programs in information technology management gives you the flexibility to meet your professional needs and position yourself successfully within the IT industry. Information for all 3 programs can be obtained by emailing

Master of Science—Information Technology Management (MS-ITM)

The newly redesigned MS-Information Technology Management is an advanced graduate program that enhances the IT skill set and knowledge base of IT professionals seeking to further their careers. The program combines a core curriculum of technology-independent coursework with a diverse offering of elective courses—allowing you to tailor the program to meet your professional needs. This program includes 10 courses (30 credits) and is offered in a convenient evening schedule.

Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The growing use of enterprise resource planning systems in organizations is driving the need for IT professionals with ERP competencies. The Graduate Certificate in ERP leverages thesignificant SAP expertise of faculty at the Lubar School, which is home to one of only two SAP University Competence Centers in North America. Students complete a five-course sequence (15 credits) utilizing the SAP ERP product. The program, which may be combined with the MS-ITM degree, prepares students for the SAP TERP10 certification exam.

MS.MBA Coordinated Degree Program

For practitioners seeking to blend the rigor of the Information Technology Management curriculum with a traditional MBA program, the Lubar School of Business also offers a combined MS.MBA. This comprehensive program (54 credits) positions graduates for leadership advancement within organizations through an extensive IT andgeneral management curriculum.