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Kevin Spellman, PhD, CFA Director, David O. Nicholas Applied Finance Lab Former Analyst, Portfolio Manager, and Director of Research

Investment Management Certificate Program
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The Investment Management Certificate Program (IMCP) provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to actively manage a balanced investment fund. Those completing the certificate will gain a substantial competitive edge in pursuing careers as investment analysts, financial analysts, or investment advisors, and will have an outstanding foundation for portfolio management or becoming independent financiers. The program is applied in nature. Students learn investments in traditional class settings and by managing a real portfolio. In the practice classes, students carry out all of the duties of investment professionals; thus, when they leave the program they will know analyst level skills because they were analysts in a real setting during school. In the program, students are also prepared for and encouraged to sit for the CFA examinations.

David O. Nicholas Applied Finance Lab

The program is a standout in investment education because:

  • The curriculum focuses on traditional academic theory in an applied setting. 
  • Students carry out most of the duties of an actual investment firm. Students are "analysts."
  • The IMCP is truly a program, not a class or a club. 
  • The students receive 17 months of training (after taking pre-requisite classes) and in the second year they manage a real portfolio.  
  • Students have discretion over securities held in the portfolio, subject to the director's and board's oversight.  
  • The certificate program is a rigorous program and the students report to a board of actual investment professionals and have many opportunities to meet with investment professionals.
  • The program has its own lab with various investment resources that students utilize to conduct analyses.  
  • In the practice courses, professionals help teach course modules, mentor sector teams, participate on boards, be guest speakers, and open their doors to meet with students during the IMCP's trips to investment firms.  
  • Students are part of a small group of people, all of whom are passionate about investments.  
  • The program is supported by a faculty team with a wealth of knowledge of investments and a director with 17 years of investment experience in a variety of areas and types of firms.