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The Lubar Executive MBA Program

The Lubar Executive MBA degree program is a transformative 17-month educational experience designed especially for the experienced manager - building your business acumen, managerial and leadership skill set, professional relationships and future career potential.

Application due date for Class of 2016 is July 11, 2014.

Best Connected.
You’ll learn in a rich classroom environment that builds deep professional relationships with your peers, from corporate executives and managers who will share their expertise and managerial philosophies, and from an active network of successful Lubar Executive MBA alumni.

You don't work in silos anymore, so why should you learn in silos?  Our distinct curriculum is organized across five highly-integrated themes, developing your level of expertise through an approach that challenges you to make connections across subjects and disciplines.

You'll also be working outside the classroom on integrative team projects that will give you rich opportunities to collaborate and consult with our partner organizations.

Your background and professional skill set make you a unique manager.  We value that.  That's why we will help you sharpen your management and leadership skills, and define your individual career development plan.

As Wisconsin’s first Executive MBA program, our 40+ years of experience in executive education has distinguished the Lubar Executive MBA as one of the most successful AACSB-accredited programs of its kind in the nation.

Join more than 1,000 Lubar EMBA alumni who have taken their careers to a new level with the benefit of a Lubar Executive MBA!