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Mariam Zahedi
Faculty Director

Sheldon B. Lubar
School of Business
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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Research Alliance Program for Behavioral and Biological Studies in Information Technology (BBS.IT)
The use and benefit of information technology (IT) by people depends to a large degree on the nature and extent of impacts of computer interfaces, which cause behavioral and biological changes in IT users. The objective of this research alliance is to carry out behavioral and biological studies in information-technology interfaces and use. The ultimate goal is to generate basic knowledge that could help IT-interface developers in general, and website designers in particular, improve the quality and effectiveness of interface and website designs and business relations over the Web.

This alliance’s objective is to carry out behavior and biological studies in information technology.

The areas of exploration include (but not limited):
  • Behavior issues web-based IT, including trust, loyalty, satisfaction, personalization, privacy, and security
  • Web-based design issues and information exchange
  • Biological changes that may result from content exposure of web-based IT
  • Behavior and biological impacts of personalization of websites and information
  • Community-related use of the Web, including disaster management and web-based health management
  • Design issues in building web-based intelligent support systems
Research Projects:
  • Behavioral studies in the impacts of web-design elements on web-customers
  • Behavioral studies of trust in websites and the dynamics of trust-building in websites
  • A multi-project study of business-to-business loyalty and satisfaction issues
  • A multi-project study of business-to-consumers loyalty and satisfaction issues
  • A multi year study of adoption of health information-provider websites
  • A multi-year study of web-based disaster management
  • Grant activities for the fMRI studies of emotional responses to website exposure
  • A multi-year study of integrated, intelligent web-based strategy support system