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Center for Technology Innovation
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Center for Technology Innovation
Companies must continuously improve and evolve to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s global economy. In this dynamic environment, information becomes a key source of competitive advantage and information technology becomes fundamental to economic growth. In the Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business this new environment has produced a need for ongoing innovations in the School’s curriculum, increased requests for applied research, and continued corporate demand for technology-focused training.

In 2000 the School created the Center for Technology Innovation (CTI) in response to these trends. The Center serves as an umbrella organization within the School supporting management technology-related research, teaching, and service to the business community. Its support in these areas is dedicated to maintaining the School’s leadership position in technology education.

In supporting and coordinating the School's technology research, CTI works with faculty members to develop research projects and identify corporate and government funding sources. It then helps seek support from those sources to sustain ongoing and future faculty projects and the work of MIS doctoral students. Projects have included:

  • The Impact and Challenges of a Service-Oriented Technology and Business Architecture – This research develops a framework for understanding the impact and challenges organizations experience in the process of moving towards a service-oriented technology and business architecture such as the SAP Enterprise Services Architecture. Researchers will investigate multiple cases of organizations adopting this kind of architecture and analyze the cases using proven IS theory to develop a highly relevant and well-founded framework. Participating in this study were Dr. William (Dave) Haseman ( CTI director) and research affiliate Dr. Marc Haines. Funded by a $110,000 grant from SAP America.
  • Web Services Utilizing SAP NetWeaver: A Case Study – This project investigated the use of the SAP NetWeaver platform for developing Web services used for inter-organizational communications. It addressed a real-world problem in sales order entry for a local company that currently uses SAP R/3 for most of its operations and for three of the company’s foreign subsidiaries that are using a variety of non-SAP, legacy systems. The project involved a requirement analysis and the development of multiple solution designs and proof-of-concept implementations for each of those designs. A presentation and case study evaluated each solution and identified several lessons learned. Participating in this study were Dr. William (Dave) Haseman ( CTI director) and research affiliate Dr. Marc Haines. Funded by a $50,000 grant from SAP America.
  • Brady Project – CTI research affiliate Dr. Atish Sinha worked directly with the Brady Corporation to investigate how the company could apply a new generation tool supported by mySAP to improve its customer relationships. The tool involved Business Warehouses and Customer Relationship Management. Dr. Sinha taught the first college level course using this new generation tool at UWM.
  • CASE Development Using SAP Business Processes to Support Integrated Core Programs in Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculums – This project involved developing cross-discipline, business process case scenarios for analysis in undergraduate and graduate integrated core business curriculums. The study sought to develop student projects that incorporated technology, such as SAP, but were operationally and technically feasible and meaningful to course content. CTI faculty affiliate Dr. Samar Mukhopadhyay conducted the project jointly with Northern Arizona University and the University of Missouri-Columbia. Funded by an SAP University Alliance grant of $50,000.
  • ReNEW-Milwaukee – Small minority businesses on Milwaukee’s Northwest side were struggling to meet the demands of their large commercial customers because of their lack of or limited access to the internet and other eBusiness solutions. The project (Rejuvenating the Northwest side through Enhanced Use of the World Wide Web) sought to help these companies gain market expansion and increase production capability or service delivery through eBusiness, technology-based solutions. CTI is partnered with the Northwest Side Community Development Corporation (CDC) on the project. Participating from CTI were Dr. William (Dave) Haseman ( CTI director) and CTI research affiliates Dr. Derek Nazareth and Dr. Purush Papatla. The U.S. Department of Commerce awarded a grant of $727,000 from the Technology Opportunities Program (TOP) to fund this project.

To inquire about research projects, contact Professor Dave Haseman at or 414-229-4357. For more information about CTI, visit