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Deloitte Center for Multistate Taxation

The Deloitte Center for Multistate Taxation at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was established in 1996 to serve as a focal point for research and education regarding state and local tax issues. The Center's mission is to promote research aimed at making state and local tax systems more responsive to modern business realities, and to enhance university and professional education in state and local taxation. Beginning in 1999, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee began offering a Graduate Certificate in State and Local Taxation. The Certificate program provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully pursue or advance careers within corporate tax departments, CPA firms, law firms and state revenue departments. Each of the courses in the Certificate program is offered in an online format, in addition to being offered in a traditional in-class format on campus in Wisconsin.

A Lawmaker's Guide to Sales Tax Nexus (PDF file) was written by Mary Ann Gall, MBGALLTAX, and Laura Kulwicki of Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, and was funded by the Deloitte Center for Multistate Taxation.

 A Lawmaker’s Guide to Non-Income Based Business Franchise Taxes (PDF file) was written by James Wetzler, Director, and Nicholas Ford, Tax Senior, Deloitte Tax LLP, and was funded by the Deloitte Center for Multistate Taxation.

A Lawmaker’s Guide to State Tax Appeals Process: Suggestions for Improvement (PDF file) was written by Paul H. Frankel, Craig B. Fields and Amy F. Nogid, and was funded by the Deloitte Center for Multistate Taxation.

Upcoming Event18th Annual National Multistate Tax Institute
June 12, 2014
Country Springs Hotel
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