Lubar Undergraduate

Undergraduate Student Services

Lubar Hall N297
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Sheldon B. Lubar
School of Business
P.O. Box 742
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Office Hours:
Monday and Tuesday 9 am - 6 pm
Wednesday - Friday 9 am - 4:30 pm

Summer Office Hours:
Monday 9 am - 6 pm
Tuesday - Friday 9 am - 4:30 pm

(414) 229-5271

Dual Expectations

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Academic Advising

Undergraduate Student Services CenterThe Student Services Center in room N297 of Lubar Hall offers academic advising with professional staff members who are familiar with the curriculum and the needs of business students. They provide services such as freshmen orientation, program counseling, course selection, registration guidance, credit transfer, and appeal procedures. The Center's advisors are trained to provide all of the technical information needed for students to make their own decisions regarding their education. The staff is available on both a walk-in and an appointment basis year round (walk-in is only available on Wednesdays). Please call (414) 229-5271 for advising availability.

Undergraduate Student Services Staff

TJ Jeske
TJ Jeske
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Alejandra Carreño Alejandra Carreño López
Multicultural Student Coordinator/Academic Advisor

Camacho Monica 8351

Monica Camacho

Academic Advisor
 Hardy James 0625 James Hardy
Academic Advisor
Kristine Raymond
Kristine Raymond
Student Services Coordinator/Senior Academic Advisor

Andrea Wrench
Andrea Wrench
Senior Academic Advisor/ Scholarship Coordinator

Advisors are assigned alphabetically by the student's last name.

A, B, C - Alejandra Carreño López
D, M, P, V, W, X - Monica Camacho
E, K,  Q, R, Y, Z  - James Hardy
L ,M, N, O  - Chris Pahl
F, G, H, I, J - Andrea Wrench
S, T, U - Kris Raymond

Mission Statement

To advise students through exploration and development of effective strategies to achieve academic and career goals in a welcoming, inclusive, proactive and supportive environment.