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EngageSophomore (24-55 credits)

Congratulations! Welcome to your sophomore year. You've successfully completed the transition to college and not it's time to dig in. Get busy and be engaged. Remember, you will get out of your college experience what you put in to it.

The following should be completed by the end of your sophomore year.

Meet with your Academic Advisor in October and March Lubar Hall N297, (414) 229-5271

  • In the meeting, we will discuss:
    • What's my target GPA goal this semester?
    • Where are my support systems?
    • Are my habits and routines helping or hurting my academic progress?
    • Are there areas in my life where I should consider make some changes?
    • What I need to do in order to be successful right now and in the future:
  • Select appropriate courses.Discuss requirements, prerequisites, and sequencing.
  • Plan your semester.
Research and Choose major(s):
  • Attend Major Information Sessions to learn more about specific majors.
  • Consider adding a second major or certificate.
  • Review Admission to Major requirements:
    • English/Math proficiencies.
    • The Business Foundation Courses.
    • Attaining junior standing (56 credits) by the end of your sophomore year.
    • Meeting the required GPA:
Meet with your Career Advisor to develop plans for first internship Lubar Hall N203, (414) 229-5445

  • Update and bring a hard copy of your resume and have it critiqued.
  • Discuss plans for gaining experience in your career field.
Continue to use career resources
  • Reactivate your PantherJOBS account and update information.
  • Obtain new password for the Career Insider.
Obtain items and experiences that will build your professionalism
  • Volunteer experiences.
  • Professional wardrobe.
  • Save sample documents to build your portfolio:
    • Writing samples.
    • Classroom assignments/group work.
    • Projects from employment or volunteering.

Attend Career Services Center sponsored events

  • Workshops (Interviewing, Resume, etc.).
  • Employer Panel, "How to Make an Impression at a Career Fair."
  • Visit Career Fairs to gather information about internships in your field:
    • All Major (October);
    • Lubar (February);
    • Just in Time (May).
  • Attend American Marketing Association's annual Etiquette Dinner in Fall.

Engage in activities to further develop yourself

Monitor your PAWS account weekly and pantherLINK e-mail daily 

  • View your Priority Advising Enrollment Appointment. 
  • Generate and review your Academic Advisement Report in PAWS.
  • Watch for important e-mails from the Lubar School and UWM. 
  • Ensure your finances are in order: 

Investigate Study Abroad OpportunitiesIf you are interested in studying abroad during your junior or senior year, you should start the planning process now!

  • Go to the Study Abroad Fair in the Union.
  • Attend information sessions on Lubar's two-week study abroad programs.
  • Contact your Advisor or the Overseas Programs and Partnerships Office: Pearse Hall Room 166, (414) 229-5782,

Accounting Majors: Check on interview timelines after completion of Bus Adm 301

  • Internships.
  • Full-time positions.