Lubar Undergraduate

“Through my mentor; not only did I learn how to use his advice, but also learned how to deal with the challenges that being a leader brings. The great knowledge we are getting helps us grow to become successful professionals." -Ricardo Maurtua; Mentee & Supply Chain & Operations Management major

Program Objectives and Overview

Purpose of the Program

The Program’s objective is to create connections between talented multicultural business students with business professionals in the community. In an effort to develop and maintain quality relationships with students and professionals, the intent of the Program is to provide a positive connection and networking opportunities for the students and professionals.

Benefits of the Program

Through the mentoring process, mentees will benefit by:

  • Understanding the requirements for career success.
  • Developing an understanding of how companies operate and the expectations it has for its employees.
  • Bringing the “real world” experience into academia.
  • Acquiring networking opportunities within the professional community.
  • Enhancing their personal and professional self-confidence.
Through the mentoring process, mentors will benefit by:
  • Making a difference in a student’s professional life.
  • Developing a relationship with a prospective employee.
  • Being a role model for their employees and co-workers to serve as a mentor.