Lubar Undergraduate

Quincy LaGrant

National Association of Black Accountants
The purpose of NABA is to bestow students with the opportunity to build interpersonal, networking, business, and leadership skills. In order to facilitate the accomplishments of these goals, there will be a support group to help develop and foster professional relationships with members of the Accounting and Finance professions.  NABA will help students build a strong foundation in Accounting and Finance classes before entering their profession.  Furthermore, NABA is dedicated to increasing the retention of multicultural students particularly in the fields of Accounting and Finance.

Activities include networking events that provide students with the opportunity to gain invaluable experiences with managers from various accounting firms, as well as industry HR managers. In addition, students are allotted the opportunity to compete for scholarships and summer internships in the fields of Accounting and Finance when they attend the Central Region Student Conference. Professionals with a vast knowledge of Business culture and expectations will speak on a monthly basis.