Welcome UWM Advisors!  

We are pleased to present these web tools (checklists, exercises, handouts) that address a variety of career exploration and development issues for your use with students. We you will find them useful in working with your students on successful educational and career planning.

You are encouraged to view the “Career Development Model” for a useful introduction to career development process, tasks and resources for students. Many of the tools in this UWM Suite of Career Tools are interactive and can be saved on hard drives and disc. We suggest that your students may want to use these tools in a variety of ways depending on their learning preferences, available time and your advising style. Suggestions include:
  • Students may complete one tool on your PC/laptop in your office while working with you. The tool can be saved to your computer and later sent to the student for saving or completion.

  • Show the student the advisor toolkit while in your office and collaborate to select one most useful to their educational/career planning. The student leaves your office with the link and sends back the completed tool. They might print it out and bring it to their next advising session as well.

  • Simply send or give the link to the student and follow-up later to see if any of the tools were useful.