CEAS Academics
Graduate Programs
The College of Engineering & Applied Science serves over 300 graduate students in 6 departments. The graduate degrees offered by the college include: M.S. in Engineering, M.S. in Computer Science, Integrated Bachelor of Science - Master of Science Program, Ph.D. in Engineering, and Ph.D. in Medical Informatics. The Ph.D. in Engineering is offered in five CEAS engineering disciplines, as well as computer science.
Faculty research efforts include advanced materials, civil infrastructures, nanotechnology, energy and fuel cell technologies, water resources, communication and electronic technologies, thermal science, engineering mechanics, manufacturing, computer science and engineering, ergonomics, MS tracks in Biomedical Engineering and Ph.D in Biomedical and Health informatics.

Contact Information

Engineering Graduate Programs
Phone: 414-229-6169
E-mail: bwarras@uwm.edu

Computer Science Graduate Programs
Phone: 414-229-4677
E-mail: ceas-csgpr@uwm.edu