Computer Science Major

You may be surprised by how many aspects of your life are touched by computer science. Concerned with the design and construction of computer hardware and software, computer scientists are on the cutting edge of technology. Biologists are using computer science to discover secrets of life encoded in DNA. Without computer science you wouldn’t be able to download music off the internet. Cell phones, traffic signals, and all modern-day special effects in movies are made possible through computer science. It’s also contributing to your health…doctors use computer science to see precise images inside the body, to store medical records, and to increase the overall quality of medical care.

Quick Stats

Academic Year 2012-13

Enrollment: 223, Degrees Awarded: 44, Avg. Starting Salary: $57,000

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Computer Science Department
Learn about the computer science faculty, research, news and more.

Curriculum Sheet
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Undergraduate Bulletin
The undergraduate bulletin provides course descriptions for computer science courses.

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Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Computer Society (IEEE-CS)

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