Advisory Committee on Differential Tuition (ACDT)


The Advisory Committee for Differential Tuition consists of 3 CEAS students, 2 CEAS staff members, and 1 ex-officio member. The current committee roster consists of:

  • Mitchell Crawford, Student, Chair
  • Ellen Forde, Student
  • James Ghere, Student
  • Taylor Zwick, Student (ex officio)
  • Ron Perez, Associate Dean, ex-officio
  • Hamid Seifoddini, Professor, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
  • Dusko Josifovski, Senior Systems Programmer
  • Todd Johnson, Student Services Director, ex-officio

This committee has two primary responsibilities. The first is to evaluate the proposals from each academic and adminstrative unit for differential tuition dollars and then make recommendations to the dean of the college. Secondly, the committee is also responsible for coordinating the assessment of the funded projects and reporting the results of this assessment to the dean and student government.