Professor Amano Receives an International Award from AIAA

Professor Ryo Amano received the 2013 AIAA Energy Systems Award from AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics), the largest professional organization for the aerospace and aerodynamics sciences. This organization was founded after the Wright Brothers around 1930 and has more than 80 years of history and over 35,000 members. The Energy Systems Award is presented for a significant contribution in the broad field of energy systems, specifically as related to the application of engineering sciences and systems engineering to the production, storage, distribution, and conservation of energy. Past awardees include Prof. Beer, MIT (1998), Prof. Law, Princeton (1999), Dr. King, NASA Headquarters (2001), Dr. Roy , U.S. Office of Naval Research (2003), Prof. Sirignano, UC Irvine (2004), Prof. Whitelaw, Imperial College London(2005), Prof. Swithenbank, University of Sheffield (2006), Dr. Lewis, U.S. Air Force Chief Scientist,(2007), Prof. Kitagawa, University of Nagoya (2008), Prof. Khalil, Cairo University (2010), Prof. Henein, Wayne State University (2011), Prof. Pepper, UNLV (2012). The 2013 award goes to Prof. Amano, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This is a major international award.


Professor Amano’s award was based on his years of achievement in gas turbine, combustion, and energy production engineering research on developing improved and innovative components in aero-jet engines, power plants, and renewable energy systems. A major national activity of Professor Amano was his major contribution in developing a new turbo-pump system in the Space Shuttle Main Engines after the disaster of Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986. He worked in analyzing the hydrogen and oxygen fuel supplier systems to make the shuttle engine much robust. In the 1990s Professor Amano was engaged in power plant co-generators and steam turbine high-pressure and high-temperature re-generators and re-cooperator units with GE and Westinghouse gas turbines in collaboration with Toshiba and IHI. From 2000 to the present he has made significant contributions in wind turbine research in advancing the power generation in mechanical and aerodynamic aspects. Professor Amano is recently collaborating on new-generator aircraft engine development with both NASA Glenn Research Center and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Turbine Research Laboratory. He has authored two major books: Thermal Engineering in Power Systems, 2008, 416pp, WIT Press ISBN: 978-1-84564-062-0 and Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer-Emerging Topics, WIT Press ISBN: 978-1-84564-144-3, Pages: 512pp, eISBN: 978-1-84564-402-4.


This annual award is generally presented at the International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference.