New Freshman Orientation

What Exactly Will I Be Doing At Orientation?

So, what exactly will you be doing at New Freshman Orientation? We have lots of exciting things in store for you . . .

Welcome Extravaganza
ex·trav·a·gan·za: any lavishly staged or spectacular entertainment
There could not be a better term for your opening session. When you first get to campus, you will check in at a central location (your confirmation letter will tell you where this top-secret location is) and then you will join all the other orientation attendee's and their guests for a general welcome and information session. They are going to cover a lot of very important information during the opening session, so be sure you are on time and ready to be as attentive as possible because the more you remember, the easier your registration will be. Enjoy the extravaganza!

Relocation to the EMS
(if you don't know what EMS means refer back to the "Important Lingo" section of the website)
The relocation process is almost as exciting as the Welcome Extravaganza. Once your opening session is complete, you will relocate to meet with advisors from the College of Engineering & Applied Science.  Now, don't panic, we do not expect you to take responsibility for your own relocation. You will connect with a Campus Ambassador, your host for the day, who will be sure to get you safe and sound to the EMS building.

Another Welcome
So, now you have officially been relocated. You are comfortably situated in the EMS building with all of the other computer science or engineering students (20 at the most) .  We, the advisors, are going to do a fairly brief welcome and information session of our own. This session will be focused on making sure you have all of the information you need to get your transition to UWM started and to accomplish the task of registering for your first semester. You are going to be given a very informative BOOKLET as well as a folder full of essential materials . . . your placement test results, a registration guide with course suggestions, a schedule grid, and other very FUN handouts. We will basically be running through that booklet and folder to be sure you really understand everything completely. We will be as brief as possible with our comments (while still being very thorough) to allow plenty of time for the actual registration process.

This is the moment you have been waiting for . . . REGISTRATION. After a lunch break with your Campus Ambassador you will be ready register.  You'll all be asked to log onto PAWS (this is where you MUST know your ePanther ID and password) and start registering. This is where we ask for your patience. You will be registering with a group of students, not one-on-one with an advisor. However, we will have all of our advisors available to chat individually with students and to respond to any questions or concerns that you may have. We will make sure that you leave with a schedule of classes that is appropriate for your intended major. We will also make sure that you leave feeling comfortable and confident with the schedule you have.

You are outta here with your schedule in hand . . .
Maybe this is the moment you have really been waiting for . . . you are outta here! Every student will leave orientation with their schedule of classes in hand. You are now officially a registered UWM student!

Reunite With Your Campus Ambassador
Now that you are registered, you will reunite with your Campus Ambassador who will walk you through the rest of the day and make sure that you get to the official "check-out" site.