New Freshman Orientation

Important Lingo

We are famous for our acronyms and unusual names for things at UWM. This can prove to be very confusing. So, we are going to give you a head-ups on some of the important lingo that you may want to master before you get here . . .

ePanther ID
Every student is assigned an ePantherID.  You will use this ID for many important things on campus including accessing e-mail, registering for classes, viewing your grades, etc.  Every new student is assigned an ePantherID and must go to the following website to activate it:

Campus ID (otherwise know as your student number)
Your campus ID is a unique 9-digit number that was assigned to you when you first made contact with UWM as a prospective student or as an applicant. You will use this ID for many different things on campus. It pays to MEMORIZE this number.

CEAS is an acronym for the College of Engineering & Applied Science. If you are majoring in engineering or computer science, you are a student in the College of Engineering & Applied Science.

Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. This is a building on the UWM campus where CEAS (refer to previous important lingo entry) is located. This is where you will have many of your engineering and computer science courses, as well as where your advisors and faculty are located.

General Education Requirements. All students at UWM are required to take General Education Requirement Courses. These are courses in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences that are intended to enhance your education by including many different viewpoints of the world and human experience.

This is the on-line system that you will be using to register. You may already have used PAWS to check your application status. In the future, you will use PAWS for many different things including looking at your fee's, your class schedules, grades and even applying for graduation!