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Scholarships, Tuition, and Financial Aid

We understand that there are financial considerations in attending college. But no matter what your family's financial situation, there are options for you.

$1 million scholarship
$1 million scholarship donor Avi Shaked (red tie) along with Dr. Al Ghorbanpoor and some of CEAS's scholarship recipients.


Take advantage of the many scholarship opportunities available to CEAS students:

UWM Engineering Excellence Scholarship Program

Additional Scholarship Opportunities:

  1. AGC-GM
  2. I. Carl Romer Memorial
  3. Joseph McPherson Memorial
  4. Dr. A.F. Shaikh Memorial
  5. Dr. Gunol Kojasoy Memorial
  6. Engineers & Scientists of Milwaukee Scholarship

For information on how to apply, please contact:
Sharon Kaempfer, Academic Advisor


Visit the UWM Business and Financial Services Office for information about University, tuition, fees and current rates.

Financial Aid

Visit the UWM Financial Aid Office to get the resources you need to make your education affordable.