Biomedical Sciences: B.S. Biomedical Sciences
Diagnostic Imaging Completion Program


Upon admission to UWM and confirmation of active registry, students are awarded 60 credits toward degree completion. A minimum of 60 additional credits are selected from the list below. To determine when and how (on campus or online) a course is offered, go to the UWM Schedule of Classes

UWM’s General Education Requirements (GER)

Required if first semester of enrollment in a degree program at an accredited institution was September 1986 or later. Where possible, courses in Completion program were selected to also meet GER. GER’s NOT required of students who hold a prior baccalaureate degree.

Pre-requisite courses (grade of C or better required)
Health Sciences 102 Healthcare Delivery in the US
Biomedical Sciences (formerly Clinical Lab Sci) 205 Introduction to Diagnostic Medicine
English 205 Business Writing
English 206 Technical Writing
Econ 210 Statistics (or equivalent)
Health Care Admin 220 Leading Healthcare Professionals

Advanced Health Sciences/Diagnostic Imaging courses (grade of C or better required)
Health Sciences 301 Human Pathophys-Fundamentals
Health Sciences 302 Human Pathophys-Organ Systems 1
Health Sciences 303 Human Pathophys- Organ Systems 2
Health Sciences 304 Human Pathophys- Organ Systems 3
Health Sciences 305 Human Pathophys- Organ Systems 4
Kinesiology 400 Ethics and Values in the Health and Fitness Professions
Biomedical Sciences 458 Seminar in Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
Biomedical Sciences 459 Introduction to 3D/4D Imaging
Biomedical Sciences 463 Seminar in Management and Education
Biomedical Sciences 600 Contrast Imaging
Biomedical Sciences 601 Molecular Imaging


Suggested electives: Biomedical Sciences 245, Client Diversity; Biomedical Sciences 260, Introduction to Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Students must earn a minimum UWM cumulative grade point average of 2.500 to earn the Bachelor’s degree.

To help guide students from admission to graduation, an academic advisor is available for help in the College of Health Sciences, Office of Student Affairs. To schedule an in-person or phone appointment with the advisor, please call (414) 229-2758.