Biomedical Sciences Certificates

Molecular Diagnostics


The objectives of the Certificate Program in Molecular Diagnostics are to train students in this newly emerging and rapidly evolving field of Laboratory Medicine. Students will gain a solid foundation and basic skills necessary for professional employment in Molecular Diagnostic Programs in University and Hospital Laboratories, in new test R&D applications, or in the Biotechnology Industries serving the Molecular Diagnostics communities.

The certificate is designed to augment the basic education and skills of students currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences or Biological Sciences. With minimal additional courses, students will be able to complete a certificate in Molecular Diagnostics. Coursework will include lecture and laboratory courses that focus on application and preparation for a nationally recognized certification exam (American Society for Clinical Pathology-Board of Certification (ASCP-BOC) Molecular Biology, MB(ASCP)). The certificate program will also be available to returning, non-degree students who wish additional credentials in Molecular Diagnostics for career development/enhancement.

For questions about the Molecular Diagnostics certificate, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at (414) 229-2758.


Although flexibility is built into this certificate program, students will be expected to have basic knowledge of microbiology and genetics and at least one advanced laboratory course (500 level or above) to qualify for the Molecular Diagnostics Certificate.


A total of 16 - 20 credits are required for this certificate.

Chem 501 Introduction to Biochemistry 3 credits
Bio Sci 325 Genetics 3 credits
BMS 549 Professional Development in Clinical Laboratory Sciences 3 credits

Choice of:
BMS 539/540 Public Health Microbiology 3 credits Lc/La
Bio Sci 539 (663) Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Biology 4 credits Lc/La

Choice of:
BMS 560/561 Molecular Diagnostics/Lab 3 credits Lc/La
BMS 705/561 Molecular Pathology/Lab 4 credits

Choice of one of the following Electives:
Bio Sci 383 General Microbiology 4 credits Lc/La
Bio Sci 315/316 Cell Biology/Lab 4 credits
Bio Sci 534/535 Medical Microbiology/Lab 4 credits
Bio Sci 536 Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2 credits
Bio Sci 660 Eukaryotic Molecular Biology 3 credits
BMS 599 Advanced Independent Study 3 credits

This certificate program is subject to federal gainful employment regulations. For more information please visit