Health Care Informatics

Offered cooperatively by the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee College of Health Sciences and School of Information Studies.


UWM recently launched the M.S. Health Care Informatics and the Ph.D. Medical Informatics Programs. This new certificate will provide undergraduate students the educational foundation to pursue health informatics graduate studies. Students may work towards the certificate concurrently with any undergraduate major or as a post-baccalaureate certificate.

Health care organizations employ a vast and complex array of information systems. In order to utilize and maintain these systems, many more knowledgeable and skilled employees are needed.

The objectives of the program are to prepare students to understand, analyze and evaluate information technology used to perform administrative and clinical tasks in a health care organization.

The program will be of value to students in the health professions, information studies and related areas of study who are seeking professional employment with hospitals, clinics, health insurance and pharmaceutical companies, as well as with vendors who have designed, developed and installed health care information systems.

The purpose of the certificate is to provide an introduction and basic foundation for health professional, information studies and other students in the emerging practice of health care informatics.

Coursework will focus on:
  1. Introduction to information technology theory and application, with a special emphasis on internet communication.
  2. Analysis and design of information systems in a health care environment.
  3. Design, creation and management of health care database systems.
  4. Legal aspects of information products and services.


The following requirements must be successfully completed to obtain a Certificate in Health Care Informatics. Complete each course with a minimum grade of C and a cumulative GPA for the certificate program of 2.5.

Course Number Course Name Credits
HCA 222 Language of Medicine 3
HCA 224


LIS 110
Introduction to Microcomputers for Allied Health Professions

Introduction to Information Sciences

LIS 230 Organization of Knowledge 3
LIS 250 Internet Communication and Information Transfer 3
HCA 537 Introduction to Healthcare Databases and Technologies 3
HCA 541


LIS 340
Healthcare Information Systems Analysis and Design

Information Architecture II

HCA 542 Healthcare Database Design and Management 3
LIS 465 Legal Aspects of Information Products and Services 3

For more information, please contact:
UWM College of Health Sciences Office of Student Affairs
Phone: (414) 229-2758
Email: chs-info@uwm.edu


UWM School of Information Studies Student Services
Phone: (414) 229-4707
Email: info@sois.uwm.edu

This certificate program is subject to federal gainful employment regulations. For more information please visit http://www4.uwm.edu/financialaid/EligConsInfo/gainfulemployment.cfm.