Health Informatics & Administration:
B.S. Health Care Administration

Admission Requirements

The Health Care Administration program offers a four-year curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Health Care Administration. The curriculum includes all necessary requirements for a minor in business administration. Students begin by taking freshman- and sophomore-level foundation courses in the biological and health sciences, health information administration, as well as the liberal arts. This coursework provides a solid basis for the advanced study of health care administration which follows. Successful completion of a semester-long internship (typically 15-16 weeks) is required in the senior year, at an approved health care agency or health-related organization. All students admitted to the major are required to complete a faculty-supervised internship, approved by the internship coordinator.

Admission to the Major

The Health Care Administration (HCA) program will consider applications to the major at the end of each semester, as long as the student's cumulative UWM GPA is 2.50 or above, the student has completed the admission prerequisite courses, and the student has met the grade requirements for required courses. Students are encouraged to apply to the major as soon as they meet these requirements and have achieved sophomore status.

Application for admission to the HCA major can be accessed online through the following link:

It is advised that you schedule an advising appointment with the Academic Advisor for the HCA program, Gricelda Estrada, M.Ed at to determine your eligibility and your progress in the major. All academic advising appointments are made by contacting the College of Health Sciences (CHS) Office of Student Affairs at (414) 229-2758. The CHS Office of Student Affairs, is located in the Northwest Quadrant Building B, Room 6451, PO Box 413, Milwaukee, WI 53201.

Admission decisions are made by the Program Director, based on validation of prerequisites by the academic advisor for the HCA program. Students are notified of admission to the major at the start of the fall or spring semester, and students are expected to attend the next HCA Program Orientation when scheduled.


The following courses are prerequisites for admission to the Health Care Administration major:

  • Commun 103: Public Speaking
  • English 102: College Writing and Research or completion of the UWM English competency requirement.
  • Econ 103: Principles of Microeconomics


  • Econ 104: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Math 105: Intermediate Algebra


  • a Math placement level C on the proficiency test
  • HS/HCA 102: Health Care Delivery in the U.S.
  • HCA 220: Leading Health Professionals

Students are required to earn a grade of C+ or higher in all HCA and HS courses, and a grade of C or higher in all other required courses. Students who twice earn a grade lower than these requirements in any required course will not be admitted, and if previously admitted, will be dismissed from the HCA major. Such students can submit an appeal to remain in the HCA major.

No student applying to the program with a cumulative UWM GPA lower than 2.50 will be admitted. A student whose cumulative UWM GPA falls below 2.50 will be placed on probationary status and will not be able to graduate with the degree in Health Care Administration until his or her cumulative UWM GPA is 2.50 or higher. Students remaining on probation for more than two consecutive semesters will be dismissed from the major.

Academic Advising

We provide assistance to our students throughout the entire academic process. Our academic advisors assist students in planning their academic path and choosing coursework that meets all University and health care administration requirements for the major. Faculty advisors are typically assigned to students once they are admitted to the professional program major and work with them, in conjunction with the academic advisor, until they graduate.

Students entering the University with credits from another institution must schedule an advising appointment to plan their course of study. To schedule an advising appointment, call the College of Health Sciences Office of Student Affairs appointment line at (414) 229-2758. If you are unable to meet in person with your advisor, your non-UWM credits can be tentatively reviewed by sending a faxed or mailed copy of your transcript along with an explanatory cover letter to:

College of Health Sciences
Office of Student Affairs
Academic Advising
(414) 229-2758
FAX: (414) 229-3373
Address: College of Health Sciences
Office of Student Affairs
Northwest Quadrant Building B, 6th Floor, Room 6451

P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201
For an appointment, call (414) 229-2758 or
visit Northwest Quadrant Building B, Room 6451.