Health Informatics & Administration:
B.S. Health Care Administration

Graduation Requirements

The following requirements must be met to graduate:

  1. Completion of the required 128 credits.
  2. A cumulative UWM GPA of 2.5.
  3. A grade of C+ or better in all Health Care Administration (HCA) and Health Sciences (HS) courses and a C or better in all other required courses.
  4. Completion of all University General Education Requirements.

Students may choose to supplement their learning by integrating the Certificate in Health Care Informatics into their undergraduate studies. Students must meet with their advisor to declare their intention to complete the certificate.

Academic Advising

We provide assistance to our students throughout the entire academic process. Our academic advisors assist students in planning their academic path and choosing coursework that meets all University and health care administration requirements for the major. Faculty advisors are typically assigned to students once they are admitted to the professional program major and work with them, in conjunction with the academic advisor, until they graduate.

Students entering the University with credits from another institution must schedule an advising appointment to plan their course of study. To schedule an advising appointment, call the College of Health Sciences Office of Student Affairs appointment line at (414) 229-2758. If you are unable to meet in person with your advisor, your non-UWM credits can be tentatively reviewed by sending a faxed or mailed copy of your transcript along with an explanatory cover letter to:

College of Health Sciences
Office of Student Affairs
Academic Advising
(414) 229-2758
FAX: (414) 229-3373
Address: College of Health Sciences
Office of Student Affairs
Northwest Quadrant Building B, 6th Floor, Room 6451

P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201
For an appointment, call (414) 229-2758 or
visit Northwest Quadrant Building B, Room 6451.