Occupational Science & Technology

Occupational Therapy Program Mission/Vision/Values


Our mission is to enrich the health, well-being, and occupational participation of people, organizations, and populations through our innovative research, outstanding education, and exceptional service. The Occupational Therapy Program Mission is based upon the mission of the University of Wisconsin System, the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the mission and vision of the College of Health Sciences, and the mission of the Department of Occupational Science and Technology.


We envision ourselves to become a premier urban occupational therapy program recognized worldwide by our academic peers, field practitioners, alumni, present and future students, those they serve, and the public. This premier status is exemplified by our study and promotion of the role of occupation and technology in the creation of a healthy society.


The Mission and Vision of the Program of Occupational Therapy are guided by a commitment to the following values:

  • Integrity in all that we do
  • Collaboration to achieve Excellence
  • Diversity of thought, perspective, and culture
  • Accessibility to promote optimal engagement
  • Commitment to enhancing the health, participation, and quality of life of all people.