John J. Heilmann, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Associate Professor

[Image] John Heilmann

Enderis Hall, Room 845
Phone: (414) 229-4625
Fax: (414) 229-2620


Communication Sciences & Disorders


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison (department of Communicative Disorders)
  • M.A., University of Cincinnati
  • B.S., University of Cincinnati

Speaker Topics

  • Children's Language Development
  • Children with Language Disorders
  • Children with Disabilities (Emphasis on Language and Communication)
  • School-based Testing (Assessment/Measurement)

Interests & Expertise

Dr. Heilmann’s research interests include the authentic assessment of all children experiencing language learning difficulties, including those from cultural and linguistic minority backgrounds. Authentic assessments are required for the accurate identification of language impairment and to provide a rich description of children’s language skills. One line of research is improving the clinical feasibility of language sample analysis so that more clinicians can use this evidence-based procedure as part of the comprehensive initial assessment and as a curriculum-based progress monitoring tool. A second line of research is documenting the multiple dimensions of language that can be captured using language sample analysis and using these dimensions to describe subgroups of children with language impairment.

Recent Publications

Heilmann, J. & Malone, T. (In Press). The rules of the game: Properties of a database of expository language samples. Submitted to Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in the Schools.

Moyle, M., Heilmann, J., & Finneran, D. (2014). The role of dialect density in nonword repetition performance: An examination with at-risk African American preschool children. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics.

Heilmann, J., DeBrock, L., & Riley-Tillman, T. C. (2013). Stability of measures from children’s interviews: The effects of time, sample length, and topic. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 22(3), 463-475.

Moyle, M., Heilmann, J., & Berman, S. (2013). Assessment of early developing phonological awareness skills: A comparison of the Preschool individual growth and development indicators and the phonological awareness and literacy screening-PreK. Early Education & Development, 24(5), 668 - 686.

Heilmann, J. & Westerveld, M. (2013). Bilingual language sample analysis: Considerations and technological advances. Journal of Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology. 15(2), 87 - 93.

Westerveld, M., & Heilmann, J. (2012). The effects of geographic location and picture support on children's story retelling performance. Asia Pacific Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing, 15(2), 129-143.

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* First author was an advisee