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Course & Curriculum Committee


The CHS Course and Curriculum Committee is comprised of one Faculty member from each department. Faculty are elected to a two-year term. A quorum consists of three Faculty members. The committee includes at least one but not more than two student members. If there are two student members, the students shall represent different departments. Students are elected to a one-year term formally approved through the UWM Student Association. Student committee members have voting privileges.


The CHS Course and Curriculum Committee is charged with the following business as detailed in the CHS 103 Document:

  • Review and take action on all new and existing undergraduate (U) courses and undergraduate/graduate (U/G) courses.
  • Review and take action on all proposals for new and existing programs or departmental/programmatic changes pertaining to undergraduate students to include:
    1. Majors, minors, submajors, and certificate programs
    2. Curricular area changes
    3. General Education Requirements (GER)
  • Review any CHS planning documents for undergraduate curricular-based issues and make recommendations to the Steering Committee.
  • Review and oversee the implementation of the CHS Core Knowledge Matrix reported by departments/programs.
  • Review College, University and System undergraduate curricular issues to determine College interests and responses.

Course & Curriculum Committee Annual Report