UWinterM Scheduling Guidelines

Purpose of UWinterM intercession

The purpose of the UWinterM intercession is to: 1) provide students with enriched learning experiences and faculty with opportunities to develop and pilot new courses, and 2) provide service courses which focus on specialized training or preparation for required courses, preparation for certification examinations, or technical training in specialized areas.

Guidelines to consider in the development of UWinterM intercession courses

  1. Required or regularly scheduled courses may be offered, but the offering unit should carefully consider impact upon yearly enrollment targets. (Note: According to the proposed Revenue Target Budget Plan, offering required or regularly scheduled courses during the UWinterM would likely reduce the amount of revenue credited to the Department because those students probably would have taken those courses during the regular academic year and been counted among the School’s regular production of SCH; courses offered during the UWinterM do not get counted toward the Department/School Targets.)
  2. Encourage the delivery of "new" non-required courses that offer general education, recreation, leisure, technical training/preparation, or preparatory information for courses considered more difficult.
  3. Courses offered during the UWinterM session should be limited to lecture or laboratory-type courses, or lecture/laboratory courses of not more than 2 credits.
  4. In developing or offering courses, Programs should consider "need" or void within the greater community.
  5. Hours of contact should be considered in the assignment of credit and approval for scheduling of UWinterM courses. Credits should be consistent with current course offerings.
Recommended Contact minutes per credit:
Lecture Courses (Credit) Contact Minutes (minimum)
  1. 660
  2. 1320
  3. 1980
  4. 2640
Activity Courses (Credit) Contact Minutes (minimum)
  1. 1320
  2. 2640

Last update: September 24, 2002